Metaverse: In this country, killing an avatar could send you to jail

News hardware Metaverse: In this country, killing an avatar could send you to jail

There have been some recurring cases of toxicity reported in Meta’s Metaverse Worlds horizon lately. The speakers complain about a total legal vagueness regarding the possibility of committing crimes and virtual crimes without any impunity. It is in the United Arab Emirates that the question is rigorously studied, namely whether perpetrators of serious crimes should be prosecuted and punished in the metaverse, as in reality. You have 4 hours.

Criminal liability, already in place on the Internet

The Internet has never been an environment of total impunity, this is nothing new, Internet users are now aware that their online actions can lead to real criminal consequences.

This is evidenced by the numerous means adopted by communities and states to increasingly sanction cyber violence, such as online harassment, in front of the criminal court.

This time the problem goes beyond the classic cyber violence such as hacking or cyberbullying, wanting to punish actions without real consequences in reality, such as killing an avatar.

Is this the end of FPS in some countries?


An Emirati leader with a strong opinion

Prime Minister Omar Sultan Al Olama, responsible for promoting artificial intelligence within the state, was immediately clear on the issue.

Indeed, the leader takes his role very seriously and expresses that users who commit serious crimes in the virtual world should be found guilty in court and accept criminal penalties in real life.

For him, virtual crimes have a significant impact in the real world more than a malicious message from a cyber stalker.

Omar Sultan Al Olama explains to CNBC: “If I write to you on WhatsApp, it’s an SMS, right? It might terrify you, but in a way it won’t create memories that will generate post-traumatic stress disorder “,” But in a realistic world like the one we’re talking about with the metaverse, if I kill you … this takes you to a certain extreme which must be fought aggressively, because everyone agrees that certain things are unacceptable ”.

If the metaverse gets to take its intended place (by the big brands) in our lives, then these questions will be inevitable to lay the foundation for a healthy virtual world.

Just like the moderation rules in a video game, the metaverse will have to propose rules, but is it up to the states or the developer to take care of them? We can ask ourselves about the potential presence of a font in the metaverse.

Then you could unlock the 5-star police achievement on Meta.

More seriously, this questions Rockstar’s (and many others’) ability to deliver increasingly engaging and realistic games with the same recipe in the future.

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