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Second life in the mid-2000s, Pokemon go in 2016, Animal crossing in 2020 … and now Facebook’s announcement of the creation of 10,000 jobs in Europe to develop the Metaverse. Virtual reality and augmented reality are entering our everyday life through devices such as the Oculus Quest or the deceased Google Glass, but also through the communication of the brand in the columns of our favorite media. However, for many of us, this near future has never taken on the symbols of a tangible reality. It seems, however, that this new Internet turn, even a revolution, is now visible on the horizon. And before determining the interest (or not) for the signs it is advisable to define the outlines.

In the world of technology, the Metaverse, a contraction of “meta universe” in English, is similar to “the next big thing” according to Mark Zuckerberg. It is a virtual environment that the user can access as an avatar via virtual or augmented reality glasses to chat with friends, play, work, create, consume, earn a living – in short, a form of real-world double in digital format. The field of possibilities is therefore infinite, with all the positive or negative aspects that this can entail. Those of you who might see Ready player one Spielberg’s had the opportunity to realize it … Furthermore, Facebook is far from the only one working on the Metaverse and has recognized that no company will own and operate it. For example, Epic Games (Fortnite) specifically raised $ 1 billion to participate in the construction of the Metaverse. At the same time, all the major technology companies (Microsoft, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, etc.) are working to create compatible peripherals in order to form a connection base to the Metaverse. For its part, Snap has already implemented augmented reality lenses to develop advertising opportunities there. We are therefore witnessing a real change for all the players in the digital supply chain. With the development of augmented reality and virtual reality, marketing and advertising will also evolve.

While we may now see advertisements or videos on our screens, we will certainly come across new formats in the Metaverse. It could be a virtual salesman who would try their luck to offer us the latest toothpaste, product placements on virtual supermarket shelves, billboards as we know them in the real world … The Dunlop gateway to the 24 hour Le Mans better watch circuit outside! However, many questions remain unanswered. Which company will position itself in these new markets to host these new announcements? Who will be able to create the best technology or the best advertising formats in this parallel universe? Will the giants of the advertising industry of today be the giants of the Metaverse tomorrow? Will agencies outside the Metaverse be able to market locations or create innovative formats? Will interoperability between different Metaverse be effective? While the British Museum has taken the wave of NFTs and put two hundred digital works of Hokusai up for sale, will the market for digital objects be able to surpass that of physical objects? Nobody can tell yet. We know, however, that physical product promoters will always need new audience hubs.

Therefore, guaranteeing the proposal of products or services in this parallel universe to consume them in the real world, offering users the possibility of living true alternative experiences that will continue in the physical world, this will certainly be the goal of a multitude of players, as it already has. made Longchamp Pokemon go. Create breathtaking events, virtual art galleries … The Metaverse will have no limits except those of our imagination. However, they will have to remember that they are turning to avatars and remember that while reality can sometimes go beyond fiction, virtual reality must by nature enhance reality.

This technological wave can therefore represent a real danger in his relationship with himself but also with others. If the Metaverse lays the foundation for an extension of oneself into the virtual, then one of the main challenges will be to find harmony between the different identities, as sometimes an actor must do at the end of a performance. On the other hand, some people may quickly fall into the addiction trap by rejecting the reality of the physical world to embrace that of a virtual world they prefer. This generalized behavior would mark the end of social relations as we have always known them …

Ultimately, this technological revolution is not without its dangers. However, it could be of such a nature that it affects all actors in the advertising chain more than ever. Positioning yourself on the starting line to dig the hole and be among the winners at the finish is now akin to a legitimate question. “There are no precursors, only latecomers.“- Jean Cocteau

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