Microsoft enters the “Industrial Metaverse” and produces robots with Kawasaki

The Metaverse is still in the works, and whether or not you are ready to immerse yourself in virtual reality, it will arrive sooner than you think. Microsoft revealed on Tuesday during Build 2022 that Kawasaki is now one of its customers for the tech firm’s “Industrial Metaverse.” – a factory where employees wear HoloLens headsets to accelerate production and manage supply chains. But this time Kawasaki will use helmets to build robots.

HoloLens was first released in 2016 and offers users the ability to experience augmented reality superimposed on digital images in a real-world environment. Microsoft’s Industrial Metaverse uses all of the company’s technologies, such as cloud computing, to help employees and managers create products faster.

This unique Metaverse aims to create Microsoft’s “digital twin” of a workspace, which speeds up processes such as repairs and the creation of new production lines. For example, when an employee needs a repairman to fix something, their HoloLens can be used to chat with employees on site and guide them through the repair processes instead of following the manual path.

Microsoft also said the digital twin can accelerate new production if needed, especially if the company faces supply chain problems.

Kawasaki joins Heinz, who previously announced it will use Microsoft’s industrial Metaverse in ketchup factories, and Boeing will also be one of the manufacturing partners. So Microsoft is now helping companies do everything from robots to ketchup.

un overview of the possibilities of technology

Microsoft customers have long requested the company to create a Metaverse concept. In a statement to CNBC, said Jessica Hawk, vice president of Microsoft Mixed Reality The Industrial Metaverse is a preview of the possibilities of technology before it becomes fully immersive in the future.

These are the real problems these companies are facing … So having a technology solution that can help unlock the supply chain challenge, for example, has an incredible impact.Hawk said.

Microsoft’s application of the Metaverse is quite interesting, as virtual reality perspectives are often associated with a sci-fi future where everyone socializes and plays digitally. But today the company is giving an example of how it can be applied to commercial production.

Microsoft already has the hardware

Microsoft already has an edge over Meta as it currently sells mixed reality technology to businesses allowing its developers to have their own metaverse experiences as well.

Hawk added that the company’s strategy is differentiated in that it includes multiple devices and platforms on which the Metaverse can be experienced. This means that Microsoft’s Metaverse products will also work on 2D screens, including new features added to the Teams chat app, where users can appear as digital avatars. These features may be present in their helmets in the future.

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