Orientation: 3 new blockchain professions

Blockchain – information technology that allows transactions to be recorded in a decentralized, secure and transparent way in a large distributed database – is particularly illustrated in the field of cryptocurrencies. But this technology is expected to impact an increasing number of traditional business sectors and professions: sales, marketing, human resources, etc. According to PwC, blockchain could create 500,000 jobs in France by 2030. Nelly Cornejo, Adoption Director technology at iExec, a decentralized marketplace for computing assets that work with blockchain, introduces 3 new professions that will count for years to come.

Blockchain developer

A blockchain developer writes computer programs called ” smart contracts », IT contracts that perform actions in an automated way, according to predefined parameters. In addition to the computer language skills traditionally needed by developers (C ++, JavaScript, Java, Python, etc.), blockchain development skills are therefore required. For example, Solidity has established itself to develop smart contracts for the Ethereum blockchain. Finally, as for any developer, a good technical level is required: Boolean arithmetic, graph theory, hardware and software architecture, algorithms, etc.

Study level: A training for developers (from IUT to engineering degree, up to doctorate), with a specialization in blockchain. This specialization is now starting to be relatively widespread in schools and universities.

Experience required: Blockchain developer profiles are still quite rare, so sought after. A junior profile will therefore not have too much difficulty in finding a position. However, the level of demand from recruiters is very high because smart contracts are standalone programs that require a high quality of design.

Blockchain engineer

If the blockchain developer develops and codes applications, the blockchain engineer, on the other hand, will be responsible for designing and implementing the architecture of blockchain projects. His mission is therefore to manage the technologies that allow the deployment of the various blockchain solutions: we talk about ” main network “, from ” side chain ” and of ” layer-2″. The blockchain engineer works with different professions within the company, in particular the DevSecOps, the developers, the product team … He is present in the blockchain ecosystems to closely follow the evolutions of blockchain services, protocols and software solutions, to understand the implications and propose the necessary actions.

Study level: Degree in computer engineering, with a specialization in blockchain. Again, this specialization begins to be relatively widespread in schools and universities.

Experience required: This position requires two families of skills: DevSecOps and Blockchain. The first is relatively widespread. The second, much less and will make a difference in hiring.

Cryptographic Asset Manager

Bitcoin, Ether … Cryptocurrencies, based on blockchain technology, are very volatile. Therefore, companies that use cryptocurrencies as part of their operations (by issuing their own cryptocurrencies or accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment), must ensure that the management of their cryptocurrency money is optimal. This is where Crypto Asset Manager comes in. Its mission: to manage the risks inherent in holding capital in cryptocurrencies. But also, in the case of a blockchain company with its own cryptocurrency, encourage its purchase, in particular by developing the registration of this cryptocurrency with virtual currency exchange platforms. The Crypto Asset Manager profession requires an appetite for numbers and the ever-changing world of cryptocurrencies, and also requires risk management in the face of extreme volatility in cryptocurrencies.

Study level: A Master in Finance, particularly in asset management, with a specialization in cryptocurrencies.

Experience : Asset managers who work in cryptocurrencies generally have experience in finance and blockchain. The missions entrusted will depend on the level of experience.

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