Presentation of the projects proposed on the ecosystem

The Kadena blockchain is considered to be the only scalable Proof-of-Work (PoW) blockchain, according to its creators. It is also an interesting blockchain, which offers many projects and bringing undeniable ergonomics to its ecosystem. Here are some examples.

Kadena’s projects

Ipercent: Kadena’s launch pad

Hypercent is an app that helps verified projects get started on the Kadena blockchain. It serves as a springboard for new projects and offers a great opportunity to anyone wishing to be part of the ecosystem. Hypercent also makes creating and launching experiences more fun and intuitive.


KDswap offers complete decentralization of exchanges on the Kadena network. Many improvements have been made with KDSwap: 100% Gas-free for exchanges on the platform, integration of CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, price tracker for KDA tokens, integration of Zelcore and X-Wallet, etc.

KDLaunch: Kadena’s launchpad

KDLaunch is a decentralized IoT platform on the Kadena ecosystem. It offers KDL tokens that can be claimed as soon as each user makes a successful sale. In addition to increased security for transactions, KDL holders have a say in validating promising projects on the blockchain.

Wallet X

X-Wallet is a virtual wallet, available on Kadena’s Kaddex-based network. It allows users to interact and transact with dApps operating within the Kadena ecosystem. It also supports all tokens of this blockchain.


Kaddex, a dApp built on Kadena’s network, offers an evolution for DeFi. It enables safe trading, while offering liquidity for SPL tokens. Users will enjoy a better experience during transactions, both in terms of security and speed.

Run On Flux: The GameFi on Kadena

Run on Flux is a game Play to earn which collaborates with the Kadena network and its native tokens, in collaboration with Flux Labs. It is a metaverse game that will benefit from a decentralized Web3 structure.

DNA technology

DNA or Database of Native Assets offers verification of the authenticity of brands. Ecosystem users can become collectors by cataloging and viewing their product online. A safer platform will be made available to customers to trade products with confidence.

Soft token

It is an application that helps developers launch their Web3 project on the Kadena network. Token Soft allows people with promising projects to market more effectively and make themselves known more easily.

Kadena Kong

Kadena Kong is a DAO, or Decentralized Autonomous Organization, on the Kadena ecosystem. About 31% of this platform’s funds will be infused, so that token holders have a say in the various decisions and validation of projects.

Corner of the subway

Coin Métro guarantees the ease and speed of cryptocurrency transactions on a blockchain. Any user can buy and sell cryptocurrency with just a few clicks and trade with pretty low fees. There are also trading margins for professional traders.


All of these the projects are really interesting for the Kadena blockchain, and the partnerships are numerous. The goal is to enhance the community user experience. But are all these projects conducive to its development?

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