real estate rates continue to rise in May

Real estate credit: real estate rates continue to rise in May 2022

Empruntis is updated monthly on the evolution of credit rates thanks to the scales transmitted by our banking partners. And what we see from reading this valuable information is that the rates continue to increase in May 2022.

Unanimous increase in average rates

It’s not just the temperatures that rise. Indeed, our mortgage interest rate barometer shows rising values. And all the average indicators without exception point upwards.

As for the most sought-after durations, the 15-year average rate is 1.40%. Over 20 years, the market rate reaches as much as 1.50%.

More globally, all average rates increased by 15 cents from the last month. A situation that raises the question of what impact this increase would have on a mortgage. To better understand, here is the simulation of two real estate loans of 200,000 euros in 20 years (insurance excluded) stipulated one month apart:

Loan terms

Loan signed in April 2022

Loan taken out in May 2022


Average rate increased



+ 0.15%

monthly payment

€ 951

€ 965

€ 14

Total cost of credit

€ 28,325

€ 31,622

€ 3,297

Simulation carried out for information purposes in May 2022

More moderate increase in minimum rates

On the side of the best rates, those reserved for less risky profiles increase but to a lesser extent. In fact, there is an increase that varies between 5 and 20 cents.

The biggest increase is recorded on the minimum rate in 25 years, ranging from 1.10 to 1.30%. Alone the best 7-year rate remains fixed at 0.45% from March 2022.

Here is a video of the evolution of mortgage rates in May 2022, as well as our tips for a successful project:

Tense market, but banks open to financing

“The noose is tightening banks that are squeezed between the cost of resources and the abandonment rate says Cécile Roquelaure, Director of Studies at Empruntis.

For this reason, today more than ever, the support of a broker is recommended. In fact, in consideration of the increase in borrowing rates and the level of the usury rate (which currently stands at 2.40% for credits over 20 years and over), a scissor effect can exclude certain borrower profiles.

Furthermore, the banks are accelerating the movement. They adjust their rates in real time based on their refinancing cost. In fact, the banks that until now generally met once a month to agree on the rates they will offer to their customers, are multiplying these committees to closely monitor the market trend.

Therefore, the rates can rise very quickly. And for this if the project is sufficiently mature, it is advisable to accept the offer proposed by the bank if it turns out to be interesting, because it may no longer be valid in the following days. And even there, the help of a broker is welcome, because this professional accompanies the borrower in understanding the loan offer which can be difficult to understand.

For borrowers who are just starting their project, it is advisable in their case reassess their borrowing capacity. To achieve this, real estate loan simulation tools are available for free. They allow you to quickly get an idea of ​​the amount they can borrow based on current mortgage rates.

“And like the bullish movement [des taux immobiliers] Will continue, some structures, more committed to acquiring new customers, are ready to make discounts. A bank is even announcing a rate cut on the scale in the coming days, ”adds our expert.

To find these banks ready to offer discounts, the key word is to compare! But walking around the banks one by one can take a long time. Using a broker is therefore the guarantee of quickly finding a tailor-made offer at the best price.

Take advantage of our experience at the best price!

from 0.90% over 15 years(1)

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