Restaurant coupons, real estate loans, bank account … What changes in June

The month of June brings its share of novelties, most of which are related to household finances. Easier access to home loans for people cured of cancer or even easier termination of borrower insurance worry thousands of French people. Some of these changes will go into effect on June 1st, others will take place later this month.

The family booklet evolves

Town halls will be able to sell the stock of the old models, but new family books will come into circulation from 1 June. According to, it is a question of taking into consideration several new provisions: those relating to the opening of medically assisted procreation (MAP) to lesbians and single women, a new rule for the choice of name, the reform of the adoption, the identity of stillborn children and the death certificate of adult children.

Right to be forgotten for former cancer patients reduced to five years

Access to a home loan for former cancer or hepatitis C patients will be less discriminatory. The right to be forgotten therefore ranges from ten years to five years from June 1, according to the law of February 28 for more equal, simple and transparent access to the insurance market for borrowers. Five years after recovery, these former patients will then be able to obtain a mortgage on the same terms as all borrowers, without stating this medical history. This provision will be extended to other chronic diseases, such as diabetes, by 31 July 2022.

The law also removes the medical questionnaire for loans of less than € 200,000 per person, or € 400,000 for a couple.

Management fees for life insurance and PER clearly displayed

Often not included in contracts, the management fees for life insurance and retirement savings plans (PER) need to be clarified. Insurers and banks are now required to display a summary table of the management fees applied to each life insurance or PER on their website.

This table, in a standard format, “will present information for identical categories, so that subscribers can know and compare the registration fees, the annual fees”says the administration.

Termination of the borrower’s insurance is easy

It is possible, from June 1st, to terminate and modify the borrower’s insurance for new loans, at any time and free of charge, as required by the same law of February 28th. From 1 September 2022 it will also be possible to do so for contracts in progress on that date.

This new measure should facilitate the renegotiation of insurance conditions. Each year, insurers must also inform their policyholders of this right of termination and disclose the cost of the borrower’s insurance for eight years, specifies.

The right to a simplified bank account

No more refusing to open a bank account. From 13 June 2022, people who have not received a positive response within 15 days of requesting to open a bank account can contact the Banque de France. This will automatically appoint a bank near their home. “The goal is to change the deadlines of the reporting right procedure and improve its monitoring”according to the French administration.

This procedure is open to anyone residing in France or the European Union, to any French citizen residing abroad and also to applicants who have been declared banned from banking. This implicit refusal system replaces the certificate of refusal to open an account that the bank concerned had to present. This was often difficult to achieve, while it was necessary to seize the Banque de France in order to assert one’s right to the account.

Last straight line to reporting your taxes

It is the turn of the taxpayers of the “third zone” to hurry to declare their income online, no later than June 8 at 11:59 pm, reminds the Ministry of Finance. You are therefore worried if you live in the departments numbered 55 (Meuse) to 974 and 976 (Réunion and Mayotte).

The ceiling for restaurant tickets drops to 19 euros

The daily ceiling for the use of meal vouchers had been raised from 19 euros to 38 euros in June 2020, in support of the catering sector hard hit by the Covid-19 emergency. The ability to use these restaurant tickets had also been extended to weekends and public holidays.

This measure, renewed several times, will expire on 30 June 2022. The ceiling for restaurant tickets will drop to 19 euros. In grocery stores, Sundays and public holidays will no longer be accepted, unless this indication is clearly indicated on the meal voucher.

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