Sologne, future French Blockchain Valley?

The small team of Payinnov, a startup based in the 14th arrondissement of Paris and specialized in cryptocurrency payments, has taken the plunge. Founded by Nadia Domec, a former Ingenico engineer, it has just moved to the Sologne-Vierzon technology park, located north of Cher. Its Payliko software, which allows for the payment of consumer products in cryptocurrencies, will begin rolling out next summer.

Initially, Payinnov aims at e-commerce sites with a target of 400 merchant platforms by the end of 2023. The second phase of the implementation of the Payliko solution, scheduled for 2023, will in principle allow to be on board the terminals of payment (TPE) at physical merchants. ” About seven million French people, or 8% of the total population, hold cryptocurrencies, according to a joint study by KPMG and Ipsos published in February.assures Nadia Domec. A significant portion of these holders of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other BNBs would like to be able to use them as a traditional means of payment without a solution that is truly adapted today. The Payliko application will fill this gap “.

Payinnov estimates that its payment solution, once integrated into the TPE, could attract 25,000 merchants by 2026. A very ambitious plan, based on two parameters. Payliko, which can be downloaded for free by customers on their smartphone, will be accessible to merchants with an average fixed monthly subscription of less than 50 euros. Despite an additional commission levied on the transaction by Payinnov, Nadia Domec believes that the earnings of new customers for these “crypto-enthusiastic” merchants will be enough to convince them. The startup, which currently employs ten people, hopes to generate sales of around € 20 million within four years.

Favorable Solognot environment

Payinnov’s installation in Sologne was not chosen at random. It is part of a favorable local ecosystem. Leading the future Blockchain Valley, the Vierzon Ledger company is on the one hand the world leader in secure infrastructure for crypto assets. Co-founded in 2014 and specifically owned by Eric Larchevêque and Pascal Gauthier, the Unicorn Berry offers wallets (Wallet) for individuals and, for the past three years, an electronic safe (Vault) for financial institutions and wealth managers.

Valued at € 1 billion at the start of 2022 and with around 500 employees, Ledger will sponsor the future digital campus that will serve as the epicenter of the Blockchain Valley at the start of the 2023 academic year. Vierzon, currently under renovation, will house the Algosup computer coding school and the Cnam departmental headquarters on the training side, as well as a start-up incubator, of which Payinnov will be part.

On the other hand, the voluntary work of the State, but also of the Center-Val de Loire region and the Cher department, on this project has led to huge investments to bring out the campus and the associated incubator. For a total value of nearly four million euros, the site received 75% subsidy. The state and the two communities contributed up to 1.9 million euros, 700,000 euros and 400,000 euros respectively. Emmanuel Macron, accompanied by Agnès Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate for the Economy, came in person to kick off the works in December 2021. A beautiful symbol for Vierzon, an industrial territory in decline, but which relies on digital for find colors.

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