The best of Paris NFT Day and Paris Blockchain Week Summit!

Paris had the honor of hosting one of the biggest blockchain events of the year last April. In fact, the Palais Brongniart brought together the biggest cryptocurrency entrepreneurs on the planet for the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. New this year, the Paris NFT Day preceded these two days of blockchain conferences with a focus on NFTs. We have been able to attend these events and bring you the best of these three days here.

Paris NFT Day: Make room for the NFT revolution

Chain of Events, organizer of the event, wanted to honor NFT technologies by dedicating a day entirely dedicated to these technologies: the Paris NFT Day. On April 12, entrepreneurs, investors and individuals from all over the blockchain sphere invaded the Palais Brongniart to discuss of this revolution.

You are unaware that NFTs are the technological revelation of the past couple of years. Although older, this innovation found itself pushed to the fore, leading to record sales. One example is NFT work Every day: the first 5000 days artist Beeple sold for the modest sum of $ 69 million.

With this widespread exposure, many trendy collections have emerged. Among the most fashionable, we can mention the extravagant monkeys of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, present at the Paris NFT Day. The owners of these cult NFTs were able to gather around a stand dedicated to this collection; the opportunity for them to discuss the developments of this trend and the next projects to follow.

Source: Chain of Events, @Damien Bresson

This day was also an opportunity for younger projects to make themselves known and get feedback from users. For example, the Solid NFT project, which took place over the three days, was a great success. The company, which specializes in printing NFT on physical media, was a partner of the show. We have observed on several occasions individuals who went to their booth, wallet in hand, to print their precious digital assets. Their technology allows digital works to be brought to life, bringing NFTs closer to their detractors every day.

Additionally, we were able to find out about the Nifty company introducing its wallet dedicated to NFTs. The goal of the product is, like a Ledger key, to be able to sign transactions during NFT exchanges. However, their device has a larger screen to allow the user to view their NFT and scroll through their gallery. Currently in the marketing phase, the Nifty case will be offered to the general public for the sum of $ 199.

Finally, the Paris NFT Day also saw a series of lectures led by stakeholders involved in the crypto and NFT ecosystem. For example, the speech by Patrick Mouratoglou during the conference “Financing the next Serena Williams”. The tennis player conquered the public with his innovative proposal: the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS). Through his design, Patrick Mouratoglou wants to modernize tennis to make it a more enjoyable version to watch. Of course, NFTs will act as a technology overlay to engage viewers and gain a foothold in Web3.

Most of the discussions at Paris NFT Day highlighted the interest of these technologies. On the one hand, NFTs provide a notion of decentralized digital ownership. On the other hand, these technologies are affected by their image with the general public and concrete use cases need to be developed. However, a large majority of environmental actors agree that the development of these tools could not be done without all the abuses we have suffered.

The Paris Blockchain Week Summit: Blockchain from Every Angle

After the start of the celebrations that began during Paris NFT Day, the Paris Blockchain Week Summit on April 13 and 14 put the blockchain in the spotlight. Visitors who made the trip were able to visit the booths of dozens of crypto projects and interact with those who bring this ecosystem to life. Among the unmissable stands is that of Binance, whose wheel of gifts has been able to harangue the crowd.

Source: Chain of Events, @Damien Bresson

Impossible to talk about Binance without saying a few words about CZ, its CEO. Present at the exhibition, CZ opened these two days at the Palais Brongniart with a sold-out conference on the main stage. In his speech, the CEO of the world’s largest stock exchange presented the lightning-fast growth his company has experienced since its creation. He also took the opportunity to reveal the secret of the platform’s success: “Binance is 2% strategy, 98% execution! “It was also during this conference that CZ announced the opening of a € 100 million incubator at the Station F startup campus in Paris. This partnership aims to accelerate the development of blockchain projects in France and more widely in Europe.

Source: Chain of Events, @Damien Bresson

As for the Paris NFT Day, dozens of speakers took place on several stages to express their opinions on the future of this ecosystem. It would take dozens of pages to summarize the content of the conferences held during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit. However, we can extract some of the more convincing points.

Firstly, all the speakers supported their attachment to this ecosystem and how pleasant it has been to evolve with the people who wish to build the world of tomorrow. It remains imperative that early players in this environment flourish there so that blockchain values ​​take precedence over profit. Of course, everyone is there to make a profit, as one speaker enjoyed reminding us. However, the success of Web3 must remain the main driver of this machine and the benefits a consequence!

Thus, the word “regulation” was omnipresent in most presentations. Of course, this ecosystem has developed in full swing with fantastic successes like Binance. However, the laws set by the states must be respected and it will be important to establish a clear legal framework for the taxation of cryptocurrencies. It is on this condition that this environment can find its place in the world economy.

Finally, there have never been so many people in this universe! The adoption of cryptocurrencies is comparable to the adoption of the internet in the 2000s. When we know how ubiquitous the internet is in our lives today, it is not disappointed to dream of global adoption in the coming years. Be that as it may, a total collapse of this ecosystem seems a little more unlikely every day!

A 2023 edition?

If you enjoyed the Paris Blockchain Week Summit 2022 program, you are not at the end of your surprises. Indeed, the organizer of the exhibition, Chain of Events, has just announced that the 2023 edition will take place, moreover, in another emblematic place in Paris: Le Carrousel du Louvre! To organize yourself in the best possible way and to be able to get there, already write down the dates of these three days placed under the sign of the blockchain: 25, 26 and 27 April 2023.

Source: Urw Lab, @Arnault de Giron

Paris NFT Day and Paris Blockchain Week Summit have fully fulfilled their mission: to provide an ecosystem update in early 2022. While prices are sliding after the excesses of 2021, it was important to see that people who allow to this environment of existing they continue to develop it vigorously.

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