THE BLOCKCHAIN ​​GROUP – Sponsorlive opens the second market of its NFT platform dedicated to rugby – 14/06/2022 – 09:00

With several tens of thousands of auctions since its launch in late March, the NFT platform dedicated to rugby Fanlivecards continues its popularity. With the support of The Blockchain Xdev (subsidiary of The Blockchain Group), it now allows the exchange of digital cards and payment in tez or euros.

Paris, June 14, 2022 – Sponsorlive, a mobile sports game application, announces the launch of the second market on its target market Fanlivecards dedicated to the oval ball. NFT card holders such as rugby players or clubs will be able to resell them and buy new ones by paying in tez or euros. A new phase of project development made possible with the technological support of world-class players such as The Blockchain Group.

“After the successful launch of Fanlivecards a few weeks ago, we have worked hard to bring the opening of the second market to rugby fans and cryptocurrency investors. It marks a turning point in the rugby industry as it brings together rugby fans and crypto investors. cryptocurrency holders. We are working on a new gamification system to revolutionize the use value of NFT cards, delivery is scheduled for this summer, “says Edgar Palle, co-founder of Sponsorlive (Fanlivecards).

Development with first choice technological partners

Based on Tezos technology, a public and energy efficient blockchain, the Fanlivecard market has surrounded itself with The Blockchain Xdev, a specialized company and leader in blockchain services and technology, to get the best out of decentralized technology. Its Eniblock platform, dedicated to the deployment of Web3 applications, allows Fanlivecards to accelerate its deployment and to have the best technologically available.

“First of all we wanted to thank Fanlivecards for their trust because they were the first to adopt our solution. We are therefore delighted to support them in the development and launch of the NFT market which opens a new era in the adoption of this technology by rugby and sports enthusiasts “, underlines Charles Kremer, Managing Director of The Blockchain Xdev and Eniblock.

Since the project’s inception, Fanlivecards has also surrounded itself with Stripe, a financial infrastructure platform for businesses, in order to offer buyers the ability to bid simply by using their bank cards to acquire their NFTs in euros. This choice was able to allow as many people as possible, rugby fans and crypto-investors, to join the reference NFT platform for the oval ball.

HAS? About SponsorLive

SponsorLive is leveraging its strong experience in the Fantasy Game market in the sports world to launch its first NFT Marketplace dedicated to Rugby. Headquartered in Paris, it develops and markets innovative digital solutions in collaboration with partners such as Orange, Nomadic Labs and Blockchain Group. In collaboration with the National Football League, the FanLive Fantasy Football application has been present on the iOS and Google Play stores but also on the Orange Games platform since September 2021 and already has more than 100,000 players, including several thousand paying subscribers. . FanLive Fantasy Rugby will be launched for the upcoming 2022-23 sporting season and will therefore offer the first 100% interactive live Fantasy Rugby solution that integrates NFT cards from the FanLivecards Marketplace:

HAS? About Tezo

Tezos is a smart currency that redefines what it means to hold and exchange value in a digital and connected world. Scalable and proven, the Tezos blockchain seamlessly embraces the innovations of tomorrow without disrupting today’s network. To find out more about Tezos:

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