The first transparent smartphone has been unveiled, cryptocurrency platforms are shaking, this is the recap of the week

News from Nothing Phone 1, the fall of the FSO worries cryptocurrency companies, Xiaomi lifts the veil on smartphones suitable for its MIUI 13.5 update, this is the recap of the week.

While the collapse of the UST shakes the world of cryptocurrencies, Bitdefender fears that 35% of Android smartphones may soon be stripped of security patches and Nothing lifts the veil on its first transparent smartphone, the Nothing Phone 1. If you own a Xiaomi smartphone, this summary of the week will let you know if your device is suitable or not for the MIUI 13.5 update that will soon be launched by the Chinese manufacturer.

The design of the Nothing Phone 1 is unveiled

If the data sheet of Nothing Phone 1 has not yet been officially unveiled, the English manufacturer has just shared a first image that finally allows us to discover this first transparent smartphone and some of its features. The video shared on YouTube shows that the device could be equipped with an LED system on the back, wireless charging and two cameras.

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Credit: nothing

Repairing your Samsung screen at a lower cost is possible … in the United States

Samsung has decided to offer the broken screen repair for only $ 50. Unfortunately for us it is simply a promotional operation open from June 13 to July 27 and reserved for US residents. Whether the Seoul giant plans to launch similar operations in France one day remains to be seen …

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Cryptocurrency platforms may run out of funds …

Since the fall of the FSO in May, all digital currencies on the market have trembled in the face of this new liquidity crisis. Indeed, while Bitcoin has dropped below $ 20,000 and the NFT sector is at half-auction, Celcius, for example, is concerned that it will not be able to refund its users in the event of a massive withdrawal. The company also shared a press release to warn that it was forced to stop withdrawals and transfers “stabilize liquidity and operations while striving to preserve and protect assets ”.

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Soon 35% of Android smartphones are vulnerable to hackers

Bitdefender’s antivirus has just shared in a report dedicated to the security of Android devices, the risks involved when using an old version of Android and the negligence of buyers in the face of these risks. Indeed, when a smartphone is equipped with an outdated version of Android, it is then stripped of security patches and becomes vulnerable to hacks. The company explains that 20% of Android smartphones are already at the mercy of hackers and that we could increase to 35% from September 2022 if consumers continue to get devices with insufficient software support.

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The list of Xiaomi smartphones suitable for the MIUI 13.5 update has been unveiled

Xiaomi is preparing to distribute its new update, dubbed MIUI 13.5, which promises great improvements, both in terms of performance, battery and interface. Unfortunately, some smartphones will not be affected by the new version of Xiaomi’s overlay. Go to our dedicated news to find out the complete list of suitable smartphones that will receive the MIUI 13.5 update as soon as it is officially launched.

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Credits: Xiaomi

Our tests of the week

Many positives for the Vivo X80 Pro

In addition to the tendency to overheat from time to time, automatically activated night mode and pre-installed commercial applications, the X80 Pro offers an excellent experience. We love its design and quality materials, its beautiful screen, its performance and its stability. Without forgetting that the Vivo X80 Pro is probably one of the best photophones of the first half of the year.

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We tested the unique LYNK & CO 01

The LYNK & CO 01 is the young brand’s first plug-in hybrid SUV, sold for 41,500 euros or available for hire for just 550 euros per month. This iconoclastic vehicle stands out from other SUVs thanks to its innovative method of distribution and use. Warning, braking can be difficult to measure and we regret that the silhouette of the car is ultimately quite close to that of a classic SUV.

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