The NFT Factory, more than a place dedicated to digital objects in Paris

Ledger, Sorare, Arianee, The Sandbox… They have all become, at their level, French references in the blockchain ecosystem and more generally in Web 3, whose promise is ” offer a form of independence, freedom and confidentiality to Internet users “, as explained, a FollyAlexis Majos, investor specialized in FinTech and Blockchain at Speedinvest.

If French and European companies have noticed that Web 1, schematically, was the prerogative of IBM and Web 2 that of Gafam, they do not want to lose the opportunities promised by the VRPs of Web 3, around the famous NFT. In this sense, about fifty digital players, startups but also traditional groups (Allianz Accelerator and Galeries Lafayette Group), have just launched the “NFT Factory”.

Exhibitions, conferences and startup support

Behind this company, entrepreneurs, investors, artists or consultants who aim to raise awareness among the general public on the universe of certified digital objects, which remain a privileged domain. But also to offer conferences and training sessions for companies, even for large groups, as well as a coworking space for artists and entrepreneurs. Asked whether this support would take the form of an incubator, Lucie-Éléonore Riveron, co-founder of this facility, indicated that ” the NFT Factory is obviously destined to support startups that would like to launch projects on the Web3 ″, without giving more details.

The launch of this project, which aims to build and connect the French NFT ecosystem, will take place in three phases.

A membership program will be launched in May through the purchase of an NFT, which will give priority access to the various NFT Factory events as well as sales. The price is not yet fixed but it should be a few hundred euros, according to The world. For the occasion, a collection of one thousand NFTs created by the Obvious collective will be produced. A two-day event, the NFT Pop Up Factory, will be organized in Paris in July with an exhibition, lectures and training sessions.

Finally, in September there will be the inauguration of a 400 sq m room ” in the heart of Paris – without revealing the exact location. This facility will notably include a gallery that will host periodic exhibitions and an event space for meetings. NFT Factory also indicates that you can purchase NFT there.

We have a historic opportunity in France because in the NFT world several world leaders are French ”, Indicates John Karp, president of NFT Factory, citing the examples of Sorare (online game for the exchange of football cards based on NFT) or Ledger (safe keys for cryptocurrencies), young shoots already valued several billion dollars. ” If it goes well and develops as we think, some of them will become the GAFAM (the giants of American technology, ed) of the new wave. We must therefore federate the entire ecosystem now to maintain this advantage (…) and not be overtaken – this has already happened in other sectors – by the Americans or the Chinese. “, He adds.

NFTs – “non-fungible tokens” – are tamper-proof certificates of authenticity and ownership, based on blockchain technology, the same that authenticates cryptocurrency exchange transactions. Virtually unknown a year ago, they have become essential lots for major auction houses, such as Christie’s, which sold a digital work by artist Beeple for a record $ 69.3 million, in New York in March 2021. About 2% of French people would choose to invest in NFTs, according to a study conducted by consultancy firm KPMG on behalf of the Association for the Development of Digital Assets (Adan).

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