When communities complete the bank loan offer

For the Ain department, lending to students is equivalent to helping them pay for tuition, transportation or teaching materials. “The department offers a zero-interest honor loan [PTZ] of an amount between 1,220 and 3,660 euros for a period of four or eight years, ”says Florence Pélissier, director of colleges and education in Ain.

A sum established based on the project and the financial situation of the borrower. The repayment plan is decided by the student, depending on his financial capacity. Since 2012, on average, around thirty loans have been granted per year. “The number of applications has decreased since 2018, probably because the loan amounts are not sufficient and the banking offer is more competitive,” he comments. By providing students with assistance on particularly favorable terms, this loan of honor does not risk calling into question the banking monopoly defined by the Monetary and Financial Code.
Late last year, the THAT Amiens Métropole (39 municipalities, 180,000 inhabitants) and the city of Amiens (133,900 inhabitants) have launched the “amiens accession pass”, or P2A, a loan for the ownership of the social house. Attached to the interest-free loan (national PTZ), the P2A amounts to approximately € 15,000 for a family unit of up to three people and € 23,000 over, for a maximum period of fifteen years. By facilitating the Caisse d’Epargne loan, local authorities provide assistance to a targeted audience (€ 486,000 for the CA and € 336,000 for the city).

“The device, valid until December 31, 2021, should allow for about a hundred loans and the decision to extend it is being studied”, anticipates Valérie Lambert, head of the urban development department of the metropolis of Amiens. The P2A format is established in the agreement with the bank and the loan rate is regulated, according to a calculation formula specified in the agreement entered into with the bank.

A grant to access the loan

Same logic for the rebound loan from the Public Investment Bank (Bpifrance). Nine Regions have decided to help businesses in the context of recovery by integrating this tool. The Pays de la Loire paid 15 million euros, out of a total budget of 60 million. “This sum is a subsidy that makes it possible to cover the costs associated with the preparation of loan procedures, the remuneration of the BPI and the accident experience. [risques d’impayés, ndlr] “, Explains former vice president in charge of companies, Paul Jeanneteau.

The regional action offers companies in difficulty a zero-interest loan of up to 75,000 euros for a period of seven years, with two years of deferred amortization. “As of March 31, 365 loans had been granted

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