Why is Anne Hidalgo’s campaign slipping?

Having been in trouble in the polls for several weeks, Anne Hidalgo would also have clashed with the refusal of several banks of a loan to finance her election campaign for the presidential elections.

In the latest OpinionWay poll for CNEWS, published Thursday 18 November, the PS candidate was attributed 5% of the voting intentions for the first round of voting, behind Jean-Luc Mélenchon (LFI, 9%) and Yannick Jadot ( EELV, 8%). Based on these estimates, on Sunday the ecologist even renewed his call for a unification of the left behind his candidacy.

This negative trend for the capital’s mayor, which seemed to be confirmed in recent weeks, is worrying as the Socialist Party could weaken economically if its 2022 presidential candidate fails.

Below 5% it would recover 4.75% of the spending ceiling of the first round, or just over 800 thousand euros. Above this figure, however, Anne Hidalgo would benefit from a maximum reimbursement of 47.5% of her expenses, or 8 million euros.

Refusal of bank loans for his campaign

According to information provided by Le Figaro on Friday, several banking institutions, including the historic bank of the PS, or Crédit coopératif. Everyone would have refused to grant a loan to the former Île-de-France regional councilor to finance his election campaign.

According to the source cited by the newspaper, Crédit coopératif would no longer lend funds if a candidacy was not credited with at least 8% of voting intentions in several polls. A condition that seems to be increasingly inaccessible to Anne Hidalgo due to her dynamics in the last few weeks.

Dirt and cracks like blackheads in Paris

Increasingly publicized this year, the scourge of cracking in the capital could have been a serious thorn in the side. In early November, 17 collectives, 9 associations and a museum sent a letter asking for help from Emmanuel Macron, criticizing the policy in this sector led by the municipality.

Another black dot blamed for Anne Hidalgo’s action: the dirt that would gain ground in the city. The phenomenon was highlighted in particular by the movement and hashtag #saccageParis launched by the @Paname Propre account on Twitter on March 21, which had collected more than 25,000 messages in two weeks.

The elected official was also judged a “bad candidate” for the presidential election by 74% of respondents during the October barometer conducted by Odoxa for the regional press. Among the biggest complaints, 74% of respondents said they did not inspire trust, 71% questioned their closeness to people, and 69% said they were incompetent.

In an attempt to relaunch her campaign, Anne Hidalgo will still increase her trips throughout this week, as happened on Monday in Mulhouse (Haut-Rhin).

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