Why is it important to invest in cryptocurrencies during a bear market?

The decline of the cryptocurrency market becomes an opportunity for individuals and companies looking to invest. If the bear market scares you, it’s time to take a different stance. Indeed, you can rest assured because it is less and less risky to invest in cryptocurrencies thanks to a custody solution.

In recent months, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has had strong repercussions on the international economy. The decline in the cryptocurrency market is no stranger to this dire context. But this falling market curve remains an opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies, businesses as well as individuals. Explanations.

What is a bear market?

First, a few facts about the bear market are worth remembering. This is a period during which the trend of a market is moving down on a rather lasting basis. This means that supply exceeds demand. It is difficult to say when the trend will change and recover. Most of the time the uptrend occurs during Bitcoin’s halving every four years, making this digital currency rarer.

More experienced investors have detailed knowledge of the cryptocurrency market, which operates on a cyclical basis. They are not affected by a bear market. You can see an opportunity to invest in the short or long term. Invest in cryptocurrencies it makes sense. Therefore, it is preferable to buy an asset when its price is at a minimum.

The most interesting investment: the DCA?

There is a strategy that has proven itself in traditional markets or cryptocurrencies. This is the average of the dollar cost (DCA). This procedure is the least risky. In concrete terms, it is a question of investing a regular and fixed amount. Therefore, the investment can be blunted by spreading the risk over a bearish or bullish cycle. If you want to invest long-term in a peaceful way, this device is ideal. You still have to invest in a reputable site.

Coinhouse, a major player in the market

Coinhouse’s goal, a company created in 2015, is to make cryptocurrencies accessible to as many people as possible. Based in France, the platform offers digital asset management and transaction services. The company offers a custody solution suitable. The company is recognized for its seriousness and professionalism. Furthermore, it is the first Digital Asset Service Provider (PSAN) to be registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF), the policeman of the sector.

Coinhouse is the first crypto bank in Europe and offers fully personalized customer service. About forty cryptocurrencies are offered for purchase, sale or exchange. Coinhouse aims to facilitate access to cryptocurrencies for a very broad audience. This is the philosophy of Nicolas Louvet, CEO of Coinhouse. The idea is really to democratize access to this ecosystem. Coinhouse offers new ways for investors and individuals to interact with decentralized financial services. They are fully supported during the investment process. Since its creation in 2015, the company has highlighted its transparency and simplicity, to offer the best possible service.

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