With this Lacoste NFT, your opinion matters

News hardware With this Lacoste NFT, your opinion matters

The famous brand with the emblematic crocodile logo launches a completely new web3 experience. In fact, the Lacoste company has announced the release of a discord server dedicated to its Web3 community as well as a first collection of 11,212 NFTs. The ambition of the clothing brand is to bring real added value to its NFTs by offering benefits to owners, particularly in future design choices.

Lacoste and its Web3 discord server

Many clothing brands have already set foot in the blockchain world. Between Prada and its capsule NFT or Balenciaga, which accepted cryptocurrency payments last month, the fashion world intends to take over the cryptosphere.

And this time it is the turn of the French tennis brand, Lacoste, which decides to make its arrival in Web3. To do this, the brand launches a new project called “UNDW3”, which means “Underwater”, a reference to the natural environment of the brand’s emblematic animal.

This new project is supported by a discord server that aims, as in the vast majority of NFT projects, to unite fans of the brand around a Web3-style community.

“Join the community to participate in this new crocodile experience. Lacoste members will be part of a new revolution with web3 by creating a unique bond with the brand like no other before. Access a pioneering ecosystem of unique digital, physical and experiential benefits from the Lacoste universe. Try to reach the crocodile and secure your place underwater. explains the brand on his Discord server.

The brand has never been closed to digital culture, it even partnered on a game-oriented collection with Minecraft in March 2022. By integrating blockchain into its creative process, the brand is taking another step towards innovation.

The Lacoste NFT collection

The first collection has already been released on the Ethereum blockchain, this includes 11,212 NFT, a number referring to the first polo marketed by the brand, L.12.12.

This first was a great success as the collection is already “sold out” and its price has tripled compared to the mint price (initial purchase price of the NFTs) which was 0.08th around 72 €.

As with most NFT collections, the images related to the token have yet to be revealed. Owners will be awarded a more or less rare jpeg when these are revealed in advance.

The opportunity to have a nice profile photo of Lacoste, but that’s not all….

The holders of the tokens, in fact, will enjoy particular advantages:

  • Access to exclusive clothing collections
  • Access to physical and virtual private events

And other advantages not yet revealed …

But the most original utility of the NFT is undoubtedly the voting power it grants to its owner for the future creative choices of the brand.

One Lacoste NFT = 1 vote

As an owner, your NFT will be equivalent to 1 vote for future polls to specify certain parameters for exclusive clothing collections.

“During the first UNDW3 phase, keeping your NFT will allow you to be part of the Lacoste creative team in a decentralized way. Lacoste explained.

This utility remembers what DC had done in another register. The comic book brand had also given the owner of its NFTs the ability to make script choices for future comics.

An avenue to explore for incorporating customers into the creative process for brands in the future.

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