beware of this terrible scam that can empty your bank account!

It took a long time for Lidl to gain consumer trust. Unfortunately, some malicious people risk tarnishing the brand image. A scam linked to the German channel has emerged on the internet for a few days. So be careful if you get an email from your favorite store. It can hide something wrong. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you everything. You are ready ?

A reward scam

As you surely know, Lidl is one of the trendiest stores in large-scale distribution. The German chain offers quality products every week at unbeatable prices. But whoever says popular necessarily says vulnerable. Indeed, it is not surprising that this type of signal attracts scammers. The scammers in question thus pretend to be a colossus by sending an email to consumers. In it, they inform you that you have won a reward.

All without having played or participated in any game. Obviously it’s just a trap. These malicious emails or sms try to get your confidential information (bank details, proof of identity, etc.). This technique is called “phishing”. Those who get trapped, go to the site linked in the body of the email. And this is where the trouble begins.

Lidl urges its customers to pay attention

People who receive this email are asked to enter their information. This simple action can completely empty victims’ bank accounts. The responsibility of the copied organizations is obviously not called into question. Furthermore, Lidl invited its customers to pay attention:“Beware of fraudulent emails and calls! Some of our customers are victims of fraudulent phone calls or emails from people posing as employees of the Lidl brand. Lidl is in no way the origin of these calls and / or sending of emails “.

To avoid falling into this kind of trick, never enter your bank details on the internet, much less on a site you are visiting for the first time. Be careful if you are told that you have won such a thing when you have never played any game. We can tell you that if Lidl plays a game, you should never enter any coordinates. Even the German channel will not ask you for information about yourself.

How to avoid this scam?

Even if the scam is well organized, you can avoid getting caught by looking at the small details. In fact, emails often contain spelling and syntax errors. This detail, normally, should already put the fries in your ear. Also, emails often end up in your inbox with emails that are considered spam. This therefore shows that we must be careful.

Finally, if you have any doubts, do not click on the link given, do not download any attachments and do not try to reach the number at all. Immediately delete the email and report it Also, by looking on this site, you may be able to find the scam you are undergoing. It is up to you.

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