Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: BlackRock optimistic about these “sustainable assets”

Cryptocurrency enthusiast for the future! – The mega fund Black rock is more interested in – and invests – in Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies. Last April, this fund participated in the ffinancing of $ 400 million from CircleLa company that issues the USDC stablecoin. It must be said that with $ 10 trillion assets under management, the statements of BlackRock executives are listened to carefully by the players in the financial market. The latest claims to date prove this very encouraging for Bitcoin and the like.

For BlackRock, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have a future!

With courses of Bitcoin drops below $ 20,000 over the weekend (before climbing above this token bar) the cryptocurrency market is not particularly happy.

However, the most important of the investment funds on the planet denotes with its serenity and its own optimism for the future of cryptocurrencies. In any case, this is the tone of the remarks made by Rick RiederChief Investment Officer of BlackRock (CIO).

During a recent interview with Yahoo Finance Live, Rick Rieder did not howl heartily at the wolves announcing the death of bitcoin like Bill Gates. On the contrary, since BlackRock’s CIO is convinced that cryptocurrencies constitute a class ofstrong goods!

“I still think Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are sustainable assets. It is a sustainable business sector, but too many excesses have been built around it. (…) “

Sources: Rick Rieder, Chief Investment Officer of BlackRock

BlackRock optimistic about the future of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

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A purge of senseless euphoria

Rick Rieder, on the other hand, is not kind hyper-speculation who brought the market crypto-assets to a healthy fix. The balloons are deflating at high speed right now bearish for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Only solid projects will remain with a backbone that can withstand the violent price drop.

“You see a lot of leverage, built around cryptocurrencies, unraveling quickly. (…) It’s not that different from the Internet bubble. If you go back to 99 and 2000, was the internet a bad idea? No, it wasn’t a bad idea. But you had created so much excess around him that you just had to eliminate that dynamic, and I think that’s what we’re seeing today. [sur les cryptos]. “

Sources: Rick Rieder, Chief Investment Officer of BlackRock

Convinced that digital assets will therefore “keep going on”BlackRock’s leader explains that he is currently a “Healthy recalibration” operating in this market.

BlackRock’s Chief Investment Officer concludes his speech by stating that it is difficult to give ajust valueto bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, he feels it “in 2 or 3 years their value will be higher than today”. It must be said that with galloping inflation fiat currencies (such as the dollar or the euro), the higher rate in these currencies will depreciate over time.

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