Blockchain: Infogreffe, new member of the FFPB

With this membership, three years after the launch of their business solution based on Blockchain technology and dedicated to the management of the Register of Commerce and Companies (RCS), which aims to strengthen the transparency and efficiency of the management of legal operations related to business life, the employees of the commercial courts confirm their ambitions in this field. The dissemination of this network in all 141 commercial registers must also be completed by 2023.

Integration of the Settlement Strategy Committee

Infogreffe joins the Regulatory Strategy Committee of the FFPB, which aims to contribute to the economic development of the Blockchain industry by removing the regulatory obstacles related to the use of this technology.

The Federation will therefore be able to rely on the decades-long experience of the GIE in the field of dematerialized distribution of controlled and certified legal information, coming from the registers kept by the clerks of the commercial courts. A pool of experiences that will allow the committee to formulate recommendations for adapting the regulatory framework of Blockchain technology to the specific constraints of commercial justice, in particular in terms of security, reliability and confidentiality of the information disseminated.

Towards safer and easier legal information

Blockchain technology allows for real electronic certification in addition to the legal certification of commercial court employees. The Blockchain network thus implemented makes it possible to streamline the exchange of information between employees and to have perfect traceability of notifications of regulatory changes recorded and transmitted by the profession throughout the territory, ultimately allowing to confirm the reactivity of the keeping of documents.

Finally, the development of this Blockchain network will strengthen the position of the French RCS within the European Union. A mission already undertaken by the commercial court clerks and by Infogreffe, the French technical operator of the BRIS project for the interconnection of European registers, also responsible for the supply, on behalf of France, of the e-Justice portal that brings together the bankruptcy registers of the Member States of the Union.

Thomas Denfer, president of the National Council of Registrars of Commercial Courts, points out:

Our profession is once again demonstrating its pioneering ambition in the digital field. The meaning of our commitment to the FFPB is to support the development of Blockchain technology that meets the expectations of the economic and judicial world. It is also a question of investing in favor of technological independence and of the exemplar of the French judicial model in the European panorama ”.

Dieudonné Mpouki, President of Infogreffe said:

Infogreffe’s DNA is to draw on the best of digital technologies to offer services that combine safety and efficiency. Our goal is to build an increasingly reliable and efficient environment for doing business with confidence. This is still the whole meaning of our commitment within the FFPB, aimed at promoting the emergence of a Blockchain technology that meets these objectives, at the service of companies “.

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