Fight The CO2 – the true evolution of carbon credits in the blockchain

LUGANO, Switzerland, June 20, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Fight The CO2 is the first green cryptocurrency aiming to revolutionize the carbon credit market by becoming the leading cryptocurrency associated with green energy and eco-sustainability on the blockchain.

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The last few years have been characterized by a dramatic decline in the health of our planet. FCO is not just a token to invest in, but a true international revolutionary movement that aims to preserve the planet, token after token.

FCO’s business model is based on negotiating carbon credits with its partners. Thanks to FCO, all companies will finally be able to participate in this market, a market currently accessible only to large companies that produce thousands of tons of CO2.

FCO will give all companies, including small companies with little capital and generating fewer carbon credits, the opportunity to become official project partners by purchasing a defined amount of FCO tokens.

Indeed, the goal of Fight The CO2 is to transform the carbon credit market, considered one of the most elitist, into a democratic market, allowing everyone to benefit from one of the largest wealth transfers in the world.

The creation of the FCO cryptocurrency will be entrusted to Iperborea SA, a Swiss trust company based in Lugano, Switzerland.

In addition, FCO benefits from the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) label, which are the three main factors for measuring the sustainability of an investment.

The first strategic partner is Future Springs, whose innovative technology has the potential to radically revolutionize the water market.

Future Springs has created the world’s first patented single-dose capsule water mineralization ecosystem, capable of delivering the world’s purest water directly to your home.

This technology will also be used in Third World countries to help combat water scarcity and poor quality, working alongside leading humanitarian organizations such as Big Beyond.

Future Springs is also working on the development of an innovative and highly efficient desalination system that aims to completely revolutionize the concept of scarcity in the drinking water market.

The development of this system will generate huge amounts of carbon credits which will increase the value of the token.

By purchasing the FCO token, you will have the advantage of having access to this brilliant technology in the early stages, before it reaches the general public, enjoying a discount on the standard price.

Furthermore, 55% of the money generated by the carbon credit exchange will be injected into the mutual fund, thus exponentially increasing the price of the token and, therefore, the earnings for investors.

The token went public on June 9 on PancakeSwap and is available for $ 0.27.

“We focus on practicality rather than ideology, as we firmly believe that we can only have a fundamental impact with a tangible business model,” he points out. Mauro GazzelliCEO and CTO of FCO.

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