Hebdo Crypto # 190 – News of the week on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

The week of 04/18 at a glance – News about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is constantly boiling. It can happen that crucial information gets lost in the daily flow of information and that important points are missed. This format is there to remedy. Let’s go back to last week’s news inCrypto Weekly to keep you informed about the current situation of cryptocurrencies.

News in brief

The Association of Russian Banks has a grudge against self-hosted portfolios. Therefore, it recently called on lawmakers to make the possession and storage of cryptocurrencies on cold wallets or hardware illegal.

Tornado Cash is censored on Ethereum. Therefore, the anonymization protocol established a blacklist aimed at banning access to addresses sanctioned by the American Office of Foreign Assets Control.

A zero-knowledge-proof critical flaw corrected at the last minute. This impacted 7 different implementations, 4 of which related to cryptographic projects. Fortunately, it was corrected in time.

Coinbase unveiled its NFT platform. Entitled Coinbase NFT, it has just opened its doors to the first beta testers. In addition to enabling the purchase and sale of NFTs, it also takes the form of a social network.

The 1-inch DEX aggregator spans Fantom Network. Therefore, the 1-inch app is now available on 8 different networks, something to delight DeFi enthusiasts.

▶ With the opening of tax returns in France, nothing like a good reminder. For the 3rd video in this series on taxation, let’s go back to calculating the capital gain.

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The 5 metrics of the week

$ 4.1 billionThey are earnings in cryptocurrencies recorded by the French in 2021. This data was compiled by the Chainalysis company. Ethereum and Bitcoin are the two favorite assets.

1.3 billion dollarsthis is the amount held by the Ethereum Foundation in its treasury fund. This is made up of 80% ETH and 18.8% non-cryptocurrency assets.

Treasure of the Ethereum Foundation

770 million dollarsthis is the amount in BNB that was destroyed by Binance during the quarterly burn. This new supply cut has once again fueled the craziest estimates of the token’s future price.

820 million dollarsthis is the donation made by Terraform Labs to the Guard of the Moon Foundation. In total, 10 million LUNAs were distributed to the project. Many rumors believe these funds will be used to buy BTC and secure UST stablecoin.

$ 470 millionthis is the amount Infinite Reality spent to acquire esports giant ReKT Global. This will allow the metaverse specialist to offer a broader catalog of games to its customers.

Tweet of the week

The tweet of the week goes to @MoroseViee and his thread on the DeFi masterclass for beginners. The latter presents a number of tools and tips to help beginners get started in the decentralized finance ecosystem.

Have a good week in the Journal du Coin! 🙂

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