How to promote a crypto project with a question and answer (AMA) session?

Cryptocurrency marketing isn’t that different from traditional marketing. As part of the growing mass adoption of the industry, niche advertising tools are becoming more and more popular.

Promote a crypto project through a question and answer session, or AMA, in English Ask me anything, it quickly became a popular marketing tool. Reddit registered the term AMA in 2016. However, this style of interviewing quickly became very popular on other social media platforms.

An AMA, or Q&A, follows the structure of an interview, but in a less traditional format. It can be a single interview. It can also be a number of different topics. It is essential to remember that the audience of the person participating in the interview must match the target audience of the project. If there is a discrepancy between the two, interventions during the session may not be successful.


  • What is an AMA?
  • How to prepare for an AMA session?
  • The benefits of a question and answer session
  • Considerations for promoting a cryptographic project through an AMA session
  • how to be[In]Does Crypto hold its own question and answer sessions?
  • Is it worth it?
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is an AMA?

An AMA is a casual interview and during which a person can promote a product, service or commercial news while interacting with a new and pre-existing audience. The host of an AMA can be an individual, business, or media company such as Be[In}Crypto.

L’entretien a lieu sur une plateforme de réseaux sociaux dont l’audience crypto s’avère importante et active. Be[In]Crypto hosts its AMAs on Telegram. The interview lasts about an hour and is very easy to follow. An equally crucial factor to include is that of audience interactions.

To be[In]Crypto offers opportunities to its community submit questions in advance before the AMA, in order to optimize maintenance times. This allows any member of the community to ask informative questions that may not have been addressed during the interview.

To ensure community participation, every Be AMA session[In]Crypto comes with a prize up for grabs. The interview usually matters 10 questionsfurthermore five more questions for the community. Respondents are given the top ten questions in advance so they can prepare.

How to prepare for an AMA session?

Preparing for an AMA interview takes a lot of time and work. Thorough research is essential so that the interview is stimulating and fun for both the interviewee and the audience. Therefore, the interview process should start with a solid plan before getting to the heart of the matter.

The structure of a structure for a question and answer session might look like this:

  • Make sure the customer isn’t associated with a scam.
  • Perform rigorous customer research to fully understand the project.
  • Discuss any key points the client might want to address in the interview.
  • Set the date and time of the interview based on audience activity.
  • Ask ten questions around the information gathered and preliminary research and send it to the client for approval.
  • Notify your audience and readers two days before the AMA to keep them informed of the event.
  • Conduct the interview.

When a solid plan is in place, the chances of running into trouble are unlikely.

Finally, AMA interviews take a long time but are useful for promoting a crypto project.

The benefits of a question and answer session

A crypto project seeking to promote itself through an AMA interview will accelerate the achievement of all of its marketing goals.

First, a question and answer session is a powerful marketing tool that can help to increase its audience, build brand awareness and generate leads. Promoting a crypto project through an AMA interview promotes honest and transparent communication between project managers and their audience.

This is an effective way to do it interact with the target audience as they already exist. Allowing the community to ask questions will keep active participation during the interview. Crypto project managers must y clarify any misunderstandings existing within the community.

An AMA is a fun, interactive, original, and interesting form of promotion that crypto projects should consider using.

Considerations for promoting a cryptographic project through an AMA session

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To fully maximize the marketing benefits of an AMA-style question and answer session, there are a few things to consider.

An AMA session is a very effective marketing tool. As with all marketing work, it must be combined with other forms of paid promotion. This will make the marketing goals of the cryptographic project materialize more quickly.

To be[In]Crypto hosts his AMA interviews on his Telegram channel Speak English in the community chat group, which has over 33,000 members. Prior to the AMA, BeInCrypto promotes the AMA session on its social media channels, including Twitter and Telegram.

After WADA, a transcript is published in the form of a sponsored article on the Be[In]Crypto. Without these additional marketing measures, an AMA session may not prove effective in promoting a crypto project.

how to be[In]Does Crypto hold its own question and answer sessions?

  • Research is done to ensure that the cryptographic project is not fraudulent.
  • The cryptographic project is approved.
  • A project representative will be contacted to see if they would like to address a specific topic.
  • After researching and considering all the specific points, we ask a total of ten questions.
  • Questions are sent to guests 48 hours in advance so that answers can be prepared in advance in order to maximize the length of the interview.
  • A banner created by the Be design team[In]Cryptocurrencies will be used to promote the AMA and crypto project prior to the session.
  • Transcripts of the interview are submitted for posting on the website.

Is it worth it?

A question and answer session, or AMA, is an effective and efficient marketing tool. It is also a fun and interactive activity for the public. Advertising a crypto project with this type of interview is a constructive way to engage with a target audience.

By combining an AMA session with other types of paid promotion, a crypto project will achieve all of its marketing goals faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An AMA is a form of question-and-answer interviewing with the public that has become popular in recent years. Anyone can conduct an AMA and it is likely that this type of interview will take place on a social media platform.

Yes, as long as the audience matches the business model of the project.

To some extent, yes. That said, it needs to be paired with other paid promotion types.


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