Influencers to follow to understand everything about cryptocurrencies

To review the basics

Hasheur, the essential French on cryptocurrencies

559,000 YouTube subscribers, 317,000 Twitter subscribers, 165,000 TikTok subscribers


Hasheur’s path, whose real name is Owen Simonin, stirs respect: At just 14, the teenager founded a Minecraft server … and managed an entire team from his bedroom. Now 25, Owen has two hats: both YouTuber and CEO of Just Mining, ” allowing everyone to invest in the blockchain And acclaimed by Forbes magazine. His YouTube channel, Hasheur, is one of the most important in the area of ​​cryptocurrencies in France. Its goal: “Allow mr and mrmyself All to learn about complex topics related to cryptocurrencies and everything that revolves around them, such as NFTs and the metaverse. “ But there is no doubt that Hasheur can make his hundreds of thousands of subscribers hang on the promise of getting rich in a snap of his fingers. For the YouTuber, influence rhymes with responsibility: “I want to send messages to prevent investment risks. “. An educational approach all the more important since Owen noticed a rejuvenation of his subscribers – 35 years versus 40 on average a year ago – and the price of cryptocurrencies has fallen sharply. Bitcoin has thus lost more than 50% of its value in six months.

For those who want to invest … and who knows how (one day) to become rich

TefleurS, the streamer who became a millionaire

Twitter 375k subscribers, YouTube 115k subscribers


At 27, TeufeurS has a success story that has more than a dream. A former truck driver, in 2010 he created his YouTube channel to fill his unemployment days by talking about video games. Backed by a growing community, the streamer heads to the online casino, where he starts earning small fortunes in bitcoin. An area that will bring him luck: within a few weeks he becomes a millionaire (in bitcoin), driven by some partnerships with online gaming platforms. A radical change for this streamer who was still shooting live in his 19-meter studio2 two years ago. Now based in Malta, he continues to share his victories (and sometimes failures) with his community. Since January, TeufeurS has launched its own media, NFTalk, which places NFTs at the center of our daily life, addressing both the ecological impact of the blockchain and the use of NFTs in notary law.

Yann Darwin, the opportunist entrepreneur

229,000 YouTube subscribers, 79,700 Instagram subscribers


Nothing predestined Yann Darwin – Yann-Loïc Chort from his real name – to count hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. The creed of this former firefighter? Democratize investment, in all its forms. Starting with the real estate sector, his first hobby, which allowed him to earn enough money at the age of 25 to quit and change his life. The investor-entrepreneur-influencer has been browsing in recent years on new investment opportunities and hires “A 360 ° approach” : “You have to learn to master different asset classes (stock market, real estate, cryptocurrency, metaverse, etc.) to avoid being subjected to the completely insane volatility of cryptocurrencies. “ In his videos, the tone he adopts is as much cash as his success is flashy (he lives in Dubai, where his company Greenbull is based). But it must be recognized that the entrepreneur is very pedagogical without being simplistic. “I produce long content, lasting about forty minutes, which often discourages viewers. It is desired! Investing is a viable skill, not a recipe for cooking. “ CQFD.

For those who don’t have time

Tim Camads, the rising tiktokeur

TikTok 237k followers


Omar Sy unveils his NFT collection “,” Find the best cryptocurrencies “,” Visit an apartment in the Metaverse “… In ultra-dynamic videos of thirty seconds maximum, Timothée Camart, aka Tim Camads on TikTok, decrypts NFT news, cryptocurrencies and metaverse in a playful and entertaining way. Result: 237,000 subscribers in less than two years. The 25-year-old, with a background in digital marketing, started investing in cryptocurrencies with the help of an experienced friend in 2021. He shares his first steps on TikTok. A little, he admits, to “navigate” the growing curiosity around NFTs, but above all out of interest in a “fascinating environment”, convinced of the “potential behind this technology, especially in terms of community and economy”. Its long-term goal: to be “recognized as an expert in the field of NFT, and why not become a coach in school and in the business world”.

Caroline Jurado, the tiktoker for beginners … and beginners

TikTok 110.5k followers


Does the word “Airdrop” mean anything to you besides the famous Apple brand headphones? Are the expressions “short in crypto” and “bearmarket” a coded language for you? You are in the right place. With a benevolent and accessible word for beginners – and beginners -, Caroline Jurado, who created Linkky, a human resources software, before reselling it, today offers ultra-popular and ultra-short content on her TikTok account to discover the universe of cryptocurrencies. This passion for virtual currencies, born from her first investments during childbirth, Caroline wishes to transmit it to as many people as possible, breaking the logic of the “club” inherent, according to her, in many male communities. For this, get out of jargon and unnecessary technicality. For her, “Blockchain is the next economic revolution and I want women to embrace it as much as men.” Successful bet: its 110,000 subscribers are 45% women. In “Les cryptos de Caro”, the largest cryptocurrency education newsletter in France, the expert is followed by 43,000 investors for the first time. Not to mention his YouTube channel, where you can find tasty tips… for example to “explain Web3 to your grandmother”.

For insiders who want to learn more

Grégory Raymond, the cryptocurrency and NFT journalist

Twitter, 134k followers


Covering the successes and setbacks of the financial and tech world is his job. “The interest in this topic was born on September 15, 2008, the day of the bankruptcy of the American investment bank Lehman Brothers. Not understanding what a cataclysm was like and not measuring its consequences, I vowed to myself not to suffer from this misunderstanding again., we can read on the LinkedIn profile of the journalist who first dreamed of becoming a film critic before getting caught up in cryptocurrencies. The Cypriot banking crisis in 2013, which caused a Bitcoin boom, will be this new trigger. On Twitter, the former journalist of the magazine “Capital” broadcasts serious information on cryptocurrencies and blockchains on an international scale, which have earned him a solid reputation on social networks. However, Gregory Raymond does not consider himself an influencer: “I feel deeply as a journalist and my role is simply to explain complicated things. “ Regular guest on the set of BFM Crypto, in March 2022 he co-founded the media The Big Whale together with colleague Raphaël Bloch (ex- “L’Express”, “Les Echos”) in the form of a newsletter sent twice for next week “at the forefront of information in 15 minutes”. It is essential for him to understand the Web3 revolution to decipher and anticipate the world of tomorrow. And to specify: “You don’t have to be a mathematician to read us. “.

Yoann Lopez, the investor who wants to democratize cryptocurrencies

39k on LinkedIn


Yoann Lopez is a huge fan of cryptocurrencies, investments and metaverses. ” I started taking a strong interest in this universe in 2011 »Confides the one who then studied economics and law, just three years after the creation of Bitcoin. It is in 2016, after several years already spent in digital marketing (at Withings and Comet), that he begins to invest seriously. He begins by publicly sharing the details of his investments on Medium. In 2020 he launches his Snowball newsletter in two versions, one free and one paid. This year he just released “The Snowball Effect or How to Invest with Intelligence”. With the same goal every time: Democratize the world of cryptocurrencies and finance and empower investors from all walks of life to create the financial independence that’s right for them. Snowball, which has more than 29,000 subscribers, recently raised € 1.6 million to expand. Next step: have dedicated newsletters for each vertical (Web3, NFT, DeFi – for “decentralized finance” -, metaverse, etc.), provide personalized financial advice to subscribers (thanks to the approval of the financial investment advisor – CIF) . All in one great app! To follow Web3 news, investment advice or a “business anecdote” every Friday: 39,000 people follow Yoann Lopez on LinkedIn.

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