NFT: This Tag Heuer smartwatch can cost more than a Rolex

News hardware NFT: This Tag Heuer smartwatch can cost more than a Rolex

Even though NFTs are no longer on the rise after the cryptocurrency crash, brands are still trying to find uses for these “blockchain” jobs. This is the case of the famous Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer, who has just launched an option to display his NFTs on his connected watch.

Luxury watchmaking in Web3

After accepting cryptocurrency payments with the “Bitpay” platform in May 2022, the luxury watchmaker continues to adopt digital, and more specifically web3, by developing a new NFT option for its connected watch: the Tag Heuer Caliber E4. .

“The world is changing at breakneck speed. An evolution due in particular to the rapid development of the Internet. From Web3 to cryptocurrencies, passing through blockchain and NFT, many concepts are to be assimilated. As an innovative and forward-thinking brand, TAG Heuer wants to help watch enthusiasts stay tuned to the changing world. “

The connected watch launched in March 2022, but the brand new option to view NFTs has just been released via an update to the “Lens” watch face.

With a 4-figure entry-level pricing, NFT won’t necessarily cost you more …

The perfect watch for NFTs

So how does it work?

Ingredients :

  • A Tag Heuer connected watch caliber E4
  • Tag Heuer connected app on IOS or Android phone
  • an NFT
  • A crypto wallet (Metamask or other)

With all its elements in hand, you can now access the application to connect your NFT wallet to it to choose the work you want to display as your watch wallpaper.

The question you may be wondering is: what value does this process carry when you could very well take a screenshot of an NFT?

Well, this verification procedure aims to ensure that the work simply belongs to the owner of the watch.

Accompanied by its “verified” badge, the NFT is highlighted by three exclusive provisions attesting its authenticity, so that you can read the time and enjoy its non-fungible work at any time of the day.

A practice not necessarily new since a few months ago there were many who used their Apple Watch to proudly display their NFT without any particular certification.

Thus, some “lucky owners” of an NFT from the Bored Ape Yacht club collection, displayed their NFT against the background of their connected watch to give the illusion of multiplying its value by one hundred, although this is not transformed into solid gold.

A somewhat flashy practice, which increases the value of your rubber strap watch in the eyes of others.

This functionality is just the beginning in web3 for the brand as the Swiss watchmaker intends to offer other services of this type. In addition to NFTs, we can imagine in the future that it will be possible to pay and manage your cryptocurrencies directly on your watch …

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