The 3 best cryptocurrency price predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, what will happen on the market?

The market for crypto-currencies depend on the survival of bitcoin. The possibility of a market reversal is still present.

The price of bitcoin is at a crossroads

The price of bitcoin is trading at $ 20,646. The bulls are struggling to claim ground on the 200-week moving average. An Elliot Wave trend channel is located near the current market price, which signals optimism as the first commitment is seen on the 4-day chart. See also: Ripple under $ 1: is it a good buying opportunity?. The Relative Strength Index revisits the lows of the past four years and has little room to go down, confirming that the price of BTC could fall to its 2017 high of $ 19,666.

The cancellation of the bearish trend is a breakout of $ 30,500. If this bullish event occurs, the bulls could try to reach new all-time highs in the $ 80,000 range, which would result in a 300% increase over the current bitcoin price.

The price of Ethereum needs to recover quickly

The price of Ethereum is revisiting the all-time low RSi last hit in 2018, when Ethereum traded at $ 81 on the 4-day chart. The price of Ethereum is trading at $ 1,076. The reading of the anomalous indicator justifies the significant belief that the reversal can take place. This might interest you: Solana: The SOL price gains 50% in two weeks, but how far will it go?. However, if the bulls fail to recover support at the 200-week moving average, if they don’t find it soon, a three-digit Ethereum is likely, targeting $ 800.

The cancellation of the bearish trend is found at $ 1760. If the bulls can overcome this hurdle, the new all-time highs in the $ 5,000 area will be a safe bet, leading to a 365% rise from the current price of Ethereum.

The ripple price could see a trend change

Ripple’s price is making a decisive move as discussions over a SEC deal continue to loom over the market. A delayed hearing could be the catalyst for investors to lighten their burden. On the same topic: Cardano: institutions join the game. XRP appears to be related to the price of Bitcoin and could continue to fall towards $ 0.25 if market conditions persist.

The price of Xrp is still trading in the fourth wave territory, keeping the downtrend intact. However, a single breakout of $ 0.34 could invalidate the downtrend and trigger a rally to $ 0.40, which would lead to a 25% rise from the current price of XRP.

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