Twenty companies and universities create Alliance Blockchain France

Blockchain is a technology of growing interest for companies and the theme of sovereignty is at the heart of it. This is why a consortium of about twenty French companies and universities they decided to join together to form Alliance Blockchain France.

Alliance Blockchain France wants to democratize the blockchain

With this new French alliance, the idea is to support and to accelerate the development of initiatives around the blockchain. According to Orange Business Services, the creator of this initiative, “This consortium will have the mission of implementing a common blockchain infrastructure that will gradually open up to all French industrialists and administrations who wish to benefit from the advantages of the blockchain”.

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Thanks to Alliance Blockchain France, our country will be able, like its European peers, to do so have a blockchain network supported by major manufacturers, academics, start-ups, making it possible to democratize this technology down to the smallest players. The consortium brings together the following entities: Orange Business Services, Atos, Archipels, Docaposte, Agdtahub, Anycommerce, BC Diploma, Blockchain Secure, IRT Nanoelec, Droon, IN Group (ex Imprimerie Nationale), Kapalt, Nomadic Labs, Quantum BCS, Suez, Talao, University of Lille, Lyon 1 and Worldline.

Before the launch of this initiative, others had already emerged in Europe, including a Spain called Alastriawith more than 600 members, or ID Union in Germany. During its first year of existence, Alliance Blockchain France will be led by Antoine Maisonneuve, director of the blockchain program at Orange Business Services.

An essential technology for digital transformation

The association also aims to maintain the economic competitiveness of French companies. In fact, the blockchain has already demonstrated its ability to generate significant productivity gains while strengthening the trust and security of exchanges between its users. To achieve this, the actors of the Alliance Blockchain France will have to do so “to raise awareness and recognize the blockchain as an essential technology for the digital transformation of French companies and administrations”. For this, the consortium knows that it is necessary to build a common and transversal vision on the uses of the blockchain.

In the coming months, the goal will therefore be to allow the democratization of the blockchain by contributing to the dissemination of information on this technology, “especially in the world of training and in government working groups”, according to Alliance Blockchain France. The members of the association also intend promote the creation of shared infrastructures allowing to host projects, publicize national, European and international calls and lead working groups by sector, in particular in the sectors of the circular economy, finance, supply chain, identity and health.

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