What are Elon Musk’s crypto plans?

Unlike Bill Gates, who believes cryptocurrencies and NFTs have no value, Elon Musk is in favor of digital assets. The Tesla boss is also one of Dogecoin’s supporters, which has been talked about a lot over the past couple of years.

Today Musk intends to buy Twitter. And while the finalization of the deal is still ongoing (with some incidents), one wonders what the Tesla boss plans for cryptocurrencies will be once he buys Twitter.

It should be noted that since the former Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey, also dealt with digital assets, the social network has already equipped itself with many crypto features, such as the possibility of making crypto donations to creators, or even support for NFT as profile pictures.

Twitter: Elon Musk may be inspired by the Chinese application WeChat

And logically, under the Elon Musk era, Twitter is expected to continue its momentum. Today, thanks to an exchange between Musk and Twitter employees that was published by the Vox site, we already have a small idea of ​​the features related to cryptocurrencies that the social network could launch.

In response to an employee’s question about payments, Elon Musk indicated that he wants to integrate the payment functionality into Twitter so that the app can send and receive money. And this feature cannot be limited to fiat currencies, but also include cryptocurrencies.

“News, entertainment and payments, I think, are like three critical areas”, he would have said. According to him, the more useful the platform is, the more essential it will be for users and the harder it will be for them to part with it.

Previously, Elon Musk had explained that he wanted to make Twitter an application comparable to WeChat. In China, it not only allows you to send messages, but it integrates a lot of features, including payments, VTC, etc.

“If you are in China, live on WeChat, it does it all. It’s kind of like Twitter, plus PayPal, plus a lot of other stuff. And all in one and […] great interface. It’s really a great app “explained the Tesla boss, during a speech on the All-in podcast.

Otherwise, during his exchange with Twitter employees, Elon Musk also mentioned bots and fake accounts (the problem that threatened the proposed acquisition), as well as scams related to cryptocurrencies circulating on the social network.

Here’s how Musk could fix fake accounts and crypto scams

In this regard, Musk indicated that there are many crypto scams on Twitter, while admitting that the situation has already improved. Among the solutions explored by Elon Musk is the paid subscription Twitter Blue.

In essence, Twitter could, in the future, use this subscription as a means of verification, as using a payment system to subscribe to Blue would serve to verify that an account is not a bot. Hence, Twitter’s algorithms could prioritize posts from people who have been verified in this way.

Obviously, since this information does not come from an official source, but from a leak, caution is a must. On the other hand, all of these projects can only be realized after Twitter is actually acquired by Elon Musk (and his partners).

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