Worldly prostitute Anna “Delvey” Sorokin joins the NFT

Notorious scammer Anna “Delvey” Sorokin, who just served four years in Rikers Island prison for fraud, announces the launch of her NFT collection.

Anna Sorokin, false millionaire known as Anna Delvey convicted in 2019 for a large case of fraud, tries to shed his label of ” crook (crook). This is why she chose to sell NFT … Interviewed by NBC Newsthe young woman said “I hope this new project will give him the opportunity to focus his energies on a legal business”.

An NFT collection to connect directly with your audience

Designed by alternative comic creator Johnny Ryan, his NFT collection consists of 10 tokens depicting scenes from Sorokin’s life. The collection includes among others three “ultra platinum” NFTs. which will offer buyers a privileged link with it. A phone call, sketches and even “personal items from his stay in prison” are scheduled, he reports Page six. The former socialite said he sees this “collection as an opportunity to connect directly with his audience and own her life story thus far largely beyond her control.”

Anna Sorokin, the false heiress who fascinates America

Worthy of a Hollywood script, its story inspired the Netflix miniseries Inventing Anna which tells the schemes created by crook to scam the Manhattan elite. We recall that Anna Sorokin, daughter of a Russian truck driver who introduced herself as Anna Delvey, a German heiress with assets of over 60 million dollars, she was convicted on eight of the ten counts against her. New York prosecutors estimated that he extorted $ 275,000 from his victims. The one that, according to his lawyer, adhered to a single rule (” pretend until you make it pretend until you get there), said NBC News naming his collection ” Reinventing Anna in a nod to the Netflix series. For the adaptation of her story, she would have received 320,000 dollars from the streaming giant.

The so-called ” Soho crook (Soho hustler) was released in 2021 for good behavior before being arrested again for visa delay. Pending your deportation, she is being held in a detention center for migrants.

A love for art that struggles to convince

If Anna said it NBC News that through this new activity she was trying to “get away from her character as a scammer”, her sincerity can be questioned. Indeed, Anna Sorokin organized two exhibitions during her organization. The first event called ” Free Anna Delvey featured the works of 33 artists inspired by the crimes and imprisonment of the Russian citizen.

Drawing in collaboration with Anna Sorokin and Alfredo Martinez, “Send Bitcoin” presented in the collective exhibition “Free Anna Delvey” – 2022 – Credit… Anna Sorokin and Alfredo Martinez

Exhibition co-curator Julia Morrison said she was not reimbursed for the $ 8,000 upfront for the event and that Sorokin had blocked her phone number. She also indicated that Anna Sorokin’s agent, who had promised her the management of the second exhibition and a share of the profits, had not fulfilled her commitments to her.

Finally, it is the new activity chosen by Anna Sorokin that leaves us perplexed. Theft and counterfeiting are commonplace in digital markets, with scammers exploiting a largely unregulated market. As the magazine recalls Knowledge of the arts : “With the wave of NFT, a new cybercrime has engulfed the art world in the past year. ”

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