Blockchain Event in France: Why You Absolutely Must Go!

More and more followers are emerging in the blockchain universe. Either through cryptocurrencies or different NFT collections such as Azuki, Bored Ape or Everai.

Large communities are forming and meeting most of them in new events dedicated to cryptocurrencies or NFTs such as the event to be held this week: “NFT NYC” set in New York.

But then what is it the event dedicated to the blockchain that will take place in France and why is it important to participate as a blockchain enthusiast?

Paris Blockchain Summit edition 3: The event not to be missed!

Despite a Bear Market that greatly reduces the hype around the various blockchains, more and more companies are recruiting in this universe.

On July 8, the event of the 3rd edition of the Paris Blockchain Summit will take place to the delight of fans of this new technology. It will take place in a space of over 2000 square meters, on two floors, mixing two atmospheres: nature and elegance.

Moreover 1200 people from more than 20 countries will participate ! An opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to discuss new projects that have recently emerged.

One of the most important topics of our conference is a mix of NFT and electronic music. Music is an integral part of our lives, but for music creators, NFTs are a completely different tool 😉 #PBS #ParisBlockchainSummit #NFT #DeFi #music / 3ZVNaYkGfk

Here are the topics you will find through this French event :

  • the Metaverse will be discussed and its various issues
  • The regulation cryptocurrencies
  • the play to earnthe future of video games?
  • The boy’s sport move to earn hamper the global growth of obesity
  • The different intellectual property
  • The music via NFT
  • economyBitcoin in the face of inflation?

After an extensive training in econometrics and market finance, @Karen Peloille he became a technical analyst for fund managers and individuals as well as an Ichimoku reading system trainer. Join us on July 8th and enjoy all the deep thoughts she has to share😎

NFT-based video games open a new avenue for independent gamers and developers, offering them an excellent opportunity to receive additional sources of income from an enjoyable time while playing 🎮 #PBS #ParisBlockchainSummit #GameFi # play2earn

You will have understood, if you are passionate about blockchain you will talk about many topical topics, it will be the opportunity to discuss constructively to do things correctly.

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