Blockchain: Ukraine joins the European partnership

Blockchain diplomacy – Last week the European Commission recommended the 27 member countries of theEuropean Union (EU) to grant theUkraine the state of ” candidate “This strong political gesture demonstrates the clear will to lead Kiev And Brussels. Finally, it will be up to MEPs to decide the matter. This same assembly is also expected by the crypto community to vote on the bill. Cryptocurrency markets (Not). Pending the agreement of the parliament, Ukraine has just joined European partnership of blockchain (EPB).

The European Blockchain Partnership (EPB) in 3 points

L’EPB is the result of a collaboration between 27 countries EU plus Norway and Liechtenstein. Led by the European Commission, this project aims to develop all “ the potential of blockchain-based services for the benefit of citizens, society and the economy “.

This partnership is about the public administration and their protection against fraud by verifying the authenticity of the data. Furthermore, this arrangement facilitates interaction of the companies with government agencies. Finally, this deal benefits the citizens and the protection of personal data (identity, diplomas, etc.) with simplified mobility.

Technically, this project is a network peer to peer interconnected nodes. These nodes are managed nationally by the authorities of the Member States. We are talking here of theEBSI o European infrastructure of Blockchain Services. From now on, this network has a 30th member, theUkraine.

The European Blockchain Partnership has just accepted Ukraine as an observer member

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Ukraine accelerates its rapprochement with Europe

This country’s interest in EPB dates back to July 2021. It all started with a open letter sent to Ursula von der Layen from Oleksii Zhmerenetskyi And Constantine Yarmolenko. These people are none other than the leader of the parliamentary group Blockchain4Ukraine and the CEO of Virtual assets of Ukraine.

Following this exchange, the commission confirmed the possibility for Ukraine to join asobserver. And Oleksandr Borniakov – the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation – has it officially announced last Friday after an online meeting that brought together all the EPB stakeholders.

Asked since average specialists, said Konstantin Yarmolenk ” Ukraine’s interest in operating an EBSI test node “. Hope in the near future” full integration of the Ukrainian blockchain into the EPB network Finally, this could facilitate various cross-border services such as the recognition of Ukrainian diplomas or the verification of identity documents.

L’Ukraine then takes a shy step in a European structure obviously hoping for something more in the coming months. Questions related to the blockchain it’s at cryptocurrencies were previously included in the category ” Science and technology “. Today they have their place in international politics Ukrainian conflict definitely changed the perception of these technologies by the public and its representatives.

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