Cryptocurrencies for Beginners: Helium (HNT) and Mehracki (MKI)

Cryptocurrency prices haven’t been that low since December 2020. What’s happening in the cryptocurrency market and how can cryptocurrency investments be safe for the long term?

Recently, the cryptosphere suffered a market crisis. The cryptocurrency markets they are notoriously volatile, which means that digital currencies have the potential for upward and downward swings.

However, time is also important in these currencies, as market value fluctuations can occur quickly and unexpectedly. Most investors believe this is beneficial and can help you make a profit because you can buy low and sell high right after.

Although this is true for the most part cryptocurrencies, the choice of the optimal investment remains difficult. This is because there are several tokens on the market and selecting the ideal one can take a long study.

Helium (HNT) And the Mehracki (MKI) there are two cryptocurrencies which analysts say will work well in the future.

Helium (HNT)

Helium (HNT) has a unique working method called Proof of Coverage (PoC), which rewards miners with Helium’s token, HNT, for using radio waves to verify that access points are providing wireless range to devices.

Helium Tokens (HNT) they are produced whenever a helium compatible hotspot is purchased. Recently introduced to the market, proof of coverage is the basis of consensus on helium (HNT).

Helium miners make sure WiFi hotspots don’t lie about their service by using radio waves to “detect” hotspots about their activity, in much the same way that Ethereum uses graphics cards to compute cryptographic hashes of codes and provide proof of work required to validate transactions.

Helium (HNT) is a blockchain-based IoT network that connects wireless devices to the network via hotspot nodes. When hotspots broadcast connection data over the network, the native HNT token is paid.

Mehracki (MKI)

In the form of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Mehracki is a brand new meme currency developed by its community. Therefore, active MKI token holders will vote and determine how the ecosystem evolves.

Within the platform, community members can share their needs and provide suggestions and solutions to improve the network.

MKI will function as a verification and authentication sign for all platform-based and off-platform transactions. MKI transactions will be played during key stages to drive token adoption. Mehracki token holders will receive welfare NFTs that can be bought, sold or exchanged with other users.

This may be one of the best times to invest Mehracki. With the currency only a few weeks old, there is huge upside potential in the coming months.

As the cryptocurrency it is only accessible via a presaleholders can invest knowing they have purchased it at a discount.

With all the excitement and volatility of meme coins, The price of MKI it can easily skyrocket by 10,000%. If it were to grow, it could compete with the million percent growth of Shiba Inu (SHIB).


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