Ethereum: Sepolia’s testnet is preparing for The Merge

The fusion in the making – The network Ethereum an unprecedented development is missing a few months. In fact, this will change the way consent, moving from proof of work to proof of stake. So this transition will happen through a process called ” The merger “Pending its release on the mainnet, the developers are testing the update on the testnets. sepolia be next on the list.

The Merge: Nothing should be left to chance

For several months, the developers of the Ethereum network have multiplied their initiatives a test long and wide the distribution from “L’unione”. In fact, the maneuver is not trivial. Nothing should be left to chance for what can be compared to open heart surgery.

After testing the transition on several shadow forksthe developers have taken a quantum leap by addressing the problem test nets. Therefore, on June 8, the developers successfully implemented The Merge on the Ropsten testnet. A first conclusive step, which allows the older Ethereum testnet to pass to the proof of stake.

However, not all is won. This transition was not done without some bugs, errors and desynchronization. Nothing more normal, for a blockchain which communicates a dozen different customers.

Therefore, new test scaling must take place, before a deployment the final from The Merge sul main network of Ethereum.

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Sepolia prepares for The Merge

sepolia is a testnet of the Ethereum network, launched in October 2021. It will eventually replace the historic testnet Ropsten.

As part of “The Merge”, Sepolia will be the second test network experience the transition to proof of stake. To do this, however, he must have his ” headlight chain “.

As a reminder, the headlight chain represents the layer of consent in the Ethereum proof of participation. The Merge update aims to link this beacon chain to the layer application of Ethereum, generating one and the same chain in the end.

Then, on June 20, the Ethereum developers announced the distribution of a chain of headlights specific to the Sepolia testnet. Its unfolding marks the beginning of a series of actions that will ultimately lead to the publication from The Merge on an additional testnet.

Nethermind indicates the deployment of a specific lighthouse chain for Sepolia.

No date has not yet been announced for implementation transition. By way of comparison, the time between the deployment of the beacon chain and that of The Merge on Ropsten was about twenty days. Therefore, The Merge is likely to be deployed on Sepolia during the second week of July.

Note, however, that the launch will depend on the potential evolution of the customer’s specification by then. Fixing any bugs found may also delay the rollout.

The main network on alert awaiting The Merge

In parallel, the preparations continues on the main Ethereum network. So the developers decided to do it repel the bomb of trouble A hundred days. In practice, this allows them to give themselves an additional respite so as not to have to rush the deployment of The Merge.

Without going into details, the trouble bomb aims to gradually increase the difficulty mining on Ethereum, to ensure that the minors will abandon the chain in test-of-work, once the step a has been made proof of participation finalized.

However, this leads to a increase from the time of blocks (time block). Therefore, his postponement avoids a slowdown in Ethereum pending deployment of The Merge.

Note however that the postponement of the difficulty bomb does not necessarily imply report from You unite. As Ben Edgington pointed out Twitter :

They say it won’t delay the merger. I sincerely hope not. Each additional week on the PoW generates nearly one million tons of CO2 emissions. “

For its part, Ether suffered like the rest of the market significantlydrops. Therefore, it has fallen below the $ 1,000 mark in the past few days.

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