Slim Kaâbi, head of the RAI office in La Presse: “The investor’s house”, a structure to be put in place urgently

Slim Kaâbi, head of the RAI office (representation, assistance, brokerage), tells us that the investor has an important role in the creation of projects, and this, with the collaboration of various organizations and stakeholders. This is the only way to assist and facilitate the journey of young Tunisians.

Our country is currently going through one of the most delicate periods since its independence. Given the socio-economic situation, defined as alarming and requiring urgent solutions, the government is trying, by all means, to propose solutions, and this, through multiple consultations with both economic experts and politicians. Even in this difficult period, we must not forget that investments make it possible to fight unemployment and poverty and this is what most young people think.

Facilitate the path of young entrepreneurs

In this regard, Slim Kaâbi, head of the RAI office (representation, assistance, intermediation), tells us that the investor has an important role in the creation of projects, and this, with the collaboration of various organizations and stakeholders. This is the only way to assist and facilitate the journey of this young Tunisian.

These are mainly: the General Commissions for Regional Development (CGDR), the technical centers, the National Statistical Institute, the Tunisian Guarantee Company (Sotugar), the Tunisian Company for Foreign Trade Insurance (Cotunace), bank brokers, etc., are not well known enough, which is why a new structure needs to be created. The main mission of the latter will be to assist and inform newcomers to the business world.

This structure could only be “the investor’s home”, assures Slim Kaâbi.

“This new structure would include representatives of institutions that have relations with economic operators, such as the eight technical poles of the sector, namely leather and footwear, textiles, mechanical industry, building materials, wood and furniture, chemicals, food and packaging. These centers have created the association of Tunisian industrial technical centers ”, he continues.

Different structures involved

Also according to Kaâbi: “The investor’s house” must also include the General Commission for Regional Development. Created in 1981, the latter contains reliable and useful information for each region. The mission of the CGDR will be to support the new promoter in his orientations and to assist him in the preparation of the practices and in the intermediation with the banks, as well as to monitor the evolution of his approaches in the field.

Kaâbi specifies that the role played by the INS in terms of statistics relating to the production, import and export of all products should not be overlooked either. All these statistics aim to provide the necessary indicators for any new business, both on the local market and for any export operation.

The data obtained from the technical centers of the sector, the CGDR and the INS would allow the most accurate market and feasibility study when deciding to carry out an industrial project. A representative of the banking association would also be very helpful within the new structure, according to Kaâbi.

The promoter, he specifies, should contact a bank to obtain a loan, and this, presenting a so-called “bankable” dossier containing, in addition to the market study, the investment costs, a well-structured financing plan and a provisional management account for the first five years (charges, revenues, etc.).

Kaâbi also notes that an industrial bank loan would reach 70% of the cost of the project according to the Central Bank circular n ° 87-47, Jort n ° 78 of 11-18-1978. The balance, or 30% of the cost of the project, constituting the capital, is divided between the personal contribution of the promoter, a participation of a Sicar and the share of the Industrial Promotion and Decentralization Fund (Foprodi).

A regional development bonus

The manager of the RAI office specifies that Foprodi is disappearing in favor of the FTI (Tunisian Investment Fund, article 18 of law n ° 2016-71 of 30-9-2016). Bank loans can be guaranteed with Sotugar, although the National Guarantee Fund (FNG) is still operational (established pursuant to article no.73 of law no.81-100 dated 31-12-1981). We remind you that a dispute with a bank can be resolved with a bank broker?

Once the bank contract has been obtained, the installation and therefore implementation phases of the project begin. From the start of production, the promoter installed in inland regions will benefit from a regional development bonus. This is about 15% of the investment cost for the Group I regions and 30% for the Group II regions, with predetermined ceilings. “If production is generally destined for the local market, greater productivity would allow us to think about exporting. And this is where the role of the Export Promotion Center (Cepex) comes into effect, which manages the Export Promotion Fund (Foprodex) to help all exporters with transport costs and participation in trade fairs abroad “, assures Slim Kaabi .

Cepex assists all exporters in finding clients, through similar organizations and the international trading center. Export can be guaranteed by Cotunace. Furthermore, a sale on credit can be paid before the deadline by a Factoring company, without forgetting that an exporter would pay less tax than an operator who exploits the local market. Due to the fact that it brings together several structures at the same time, “The investor’s house”, he concluded, will be a structure that will allow young entrepreneurs to know all the data necessary for starting a new project. This structure will be able to assist young people both at the beginning of their career and also in the event of an extension. This new facility will have the mission to help reduce unemployment and poverty. It should work for the simplification of the laws and mainly those related to the new investment code (law n.2016-71 of 30-9-2016).

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