The made in France CBD market tries to build itself

Faced with foreign competition, the Pigerolles farm in Creuse, which has been producing CBD since 2017, has launched an operation to seduce the tobacconists of Haute-Vienne. The first to build this growing market.

As a matter of fact, even though the CBD market in France is still in its infancy (rather chaotic – between French ban, European obligation and current status quo), cannabis products are popping up everywhere: oils, herbal teas, infusions. , cosmetics … Now they are sold in specialized shops (“CBDshoop” in bad French), parapharmacies and other shops.
For tobacconists affected by the rise in the price of cigarettes, this new commercial outlet represents an opportunity.

Until now it was a relatively controversial product. But now it comes from all over and there is a plethora of vendors ”.

Laurent Baranger, secretary of the Confederation of Tobacconists of Haute-Vienne.

The problem is that today most of these products come from abroad. Result, little traceability and standards difficult to verify. “We have the case of a tobacconist who had the products he received analyzed before marketing them and found himself with flowers with more than 5% THC.says Jérémy Gaillard, head of hemp production at the Pigerolles Organic Farm. So clearly with this rate we are on narcotics and since the products came from abroad, the person could have been accused of international drug trafficking ”.

Faced with this foreign and economic competition, the pioneer company from Pigerolles has therefore decided to play the card of transparency and quality. Eight tobacconists of the Haute-Vienne confederation were invited to visit the premises to understand the secrets of CBD production: compliance with levels (no more than 0.3% THC, the psychotropic substance of cannabis), yield, smell … Objective: to reassure these professionals that one day they could sell these products made in Creuse.

Perhaps. Because for the moment French producers and processors still clash with the regulations: “We are currently in a gray areaexplains Jouany Chatoux, manager of the Pigerolles farm and spokesperson for the AFPC (French Association of Cannabinoid Producers). It is easier to sell European products (considered legal by the European Commission ed) only French products that do not yet have a legal framework “. Ditto for the transformation, even if not regulated.

For the Creuse farm and all French manufacturing, the processing and sale of cannabis-derived products remains complicated:

You can’t sell on the internet, because European sites reject CBD products. It’s the same for bank loans, so everything has to be self-financed.

Jouany Chatoux, PSAC spokesperson

Consequently, a sector in difficulty and the fear for these precursors that this new market will eventually be monopolized by the major producers: “France is moving towards a ban on natural flowers and natural extracts (this is the case of the decree currently suspended by the Council of State), to allow only the pure molecule. This molecule can only be obtained by chemical extraction and can only be produced by large laboratories or by the agro-industrial industry “. The goal today for small French CBD producers and processors is therefore to rally as many people as possible to their cause.

The future of this sector and its regulations will be at the center of thegeneral assembly of French producers to be held on 16 and 17 July 2022 in Pigerolles.

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