the newcomer to the world of the metaverse

Footwear giant Timberland is teaming up with Fortnite for its entry into the metaverse. This entry into the virtual world makes Timberland a sign relating to the metaverse. The event is seen by some as a publicity stunt. Others have enjoyed and are looking forward to more similar events with other brands.

In addition, several brands today consider theopportunity of the metaverse to stand out again.

For its part, Timberland has chosen to partner with an online gaming giant to break through better. This Timberland initiative prepares the season of Construct: 10061. For this event, Timberland has also brought the young Ali ‘SypherPK’ Hassan, a little genius who brings his knowledge to Fortnite.

Timberland collaborates with Fortnite

The collaboration between the two brands creates a virtual world focused on the creation of shoes. The universe of the metaverse to create engaging experiences for users, Timberland and Fortnite jumped at the opportunity. More precisely, Fortnite is already in its universe; it’s up to Timberland to live life on screen.

This collaboration is mainly between Timberland and Epic Games. The idea is to allow video game enthusiasts and Timberland shoe fans to discover the shoe brand’s fablab. This experience will take users to an immersive universe for a unique experience.

Discovering Timberland shoes from another perspective and with the manufacturer’s approach is very rewarding for fans of the brand. Fortnite players for their part are taking part in something quite new and rewarding.

The Construct Project: 10061

The Construct: 100061 project allows Timberland fans to experience the following:

  • Experience the Timberland shoe making process like in real life in Fortnite.
  • Metadesign Workshop with Timberland’s best partners such as ACE, CONceptKicks and Construct: 10061. Four metaboot or metabotte must be discovered in this virtual workshop.
  • Access to Fortnite’s exclusive Timberland Trail. The course was inspired by Timberland and allows players to discover an impressive landscape or unlock special effects.
  • Augmented reality experience with metaboot creation. The Metaboots are designed to look exactly like real Timberland boots.
  • Creation of the 8 prototype boots also made with the experience of augmented reality.

In short, for this season of Construct, Timberland wants to bring fans the reality of how its shoes are made. Except that the brand has chosen the metaverse to reach the maximum possible world.

These different metaverse workshops offered by Timberland allow fans from all over the world to participate. Timberland takes its concept of the boot fan community a long way!


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