Vietnam Blockchain Association: first entity of the new digital economy

Since the end of April 2022, Vietnam has formalized the “Vietnam Blockchain Association” allowing the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies between enthusiasts to reflect on this new digital economy.

What’s your name “blockchain”Is a technology for storing and transmitting information in the form of a database which has the particularity of being shared simultaneously by all its users, which does not depend on any central body, and which is fast and secure. .

Vietnam already had a digital media association, so it will now have a blockchain association.

On 27 April the Ministry of the Interior formalized its creation (decision 343 / QD-BNV). The association, known as the Vietnam Blockchain Association, therefore has citizenship.

The “Blockchain” digital economy, a notion of the future

It is the first official legal entity that brings together people who are passionate about blockchain technology across Vietnam.

Studies and research on blockchain and cryptocurrencies in Vietnam

It is configured as a socio-professional organization whose functioning is perfectly legal. It was on the basis of a common will of different people with converging interests that it was created.

His first meeting is scheduled for May 17th. It will therefore have to set up an official executive committee and define the principles.

The newly formed association aims to protect the rights and legitimate interests of the members of the blockchain community and, in so doing, contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

But it should also work to promote cooperation between commercial entities and companies that use blockchain.

Vietnam, a leading country in the adoption of cryptocurrencies

The fact is that the digital economy is starting to make its way in Vietnam. A recent report also showed that the country is quite advanced when it comes to cryptocurrency. It would even seem that in this field it is able, if not to compete, in any case to make a good impression against developed countries such as the United States, China, South Africa, South Korea, Japan, United Kingdom, France, Germany …

Another study based on a survey on “Cryptocurrency Adoption Index“, Conducted in 27 countries and with 42,000 people confirmed this trend: Vietnam is one of the countries most open to cryptocurrencies.

To learn more about the cryptocurrency market in Vietnam, this comprehensive report explains the legal, regulatory and trends of these. “digital assets“In Vietnam.

In this context, it seems clear that the blockchain is destined for rapid development in Vietnam, and that the merits of the newly created association should not be debated.

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