After the NFTs, will eBay launch into the metaverse?

Bets are open! Among the leaders of e-commerce, who will miss the train of the Web 3.0 revolution? … Definitely not eBay! The e-commerce giant has applied to register two new products with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Furthermore, in light of the elements cited in these applications, it appears that eBay is planning to launch into the metaverse very soon.

The news was leaked yesterday through Mike Kondoudis, a USPTO certified trademark attorney.

After verification, eBay appears to have actually filed trademark applications with the intellectual property protection authority in the United States on June 23.

In these requests, the applicant cites projects related to cryptocurrencies, but also to the metaverse. In fact, the company plans to diversify its products and services by developing different offerings around NFTs: these include:

  • the issuance of non-fungible tokens, inter alia through its “NFT Genesis” collectibles collection launched a month ago
  • computer programs for creating and viewing digital assets
  • trading platforms for NFTs they use smart contracts

Also, from reading the store, it can be seen that eBay intends to create a retail store, presumably in the metaverse, that sells real and virtual products, as well as a website for ordering physical items or digital assets.

Online commerce and metaverse: a winning combination?

For some, the metaverse is the future of social interaction. But for companies it is first of all a business opportunity. And that’s where eBay is.

Indeed, by integrating this universe, eBay fervently hopes to broaden its scope and acquire new customers. All this in a context where economies around the world are in agony. Note that to date the company’s share price has fallen nearly 50% since November 2021. A similar decline to that experienced by bitcoin (BTC) over the same period.

More and more merchants have been boarding the crypto ship since the advent of NFTs and the metaverse. For them it’s not about losing the boat, but about standing out from the competition. In doing so, they develop new devices to optimize the customer journey and strengthen the connection within this intangible universe.

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