creates an NFT market

Several companies are showing a real interest in NFTs. This is especially true of cryptocurrency exchanges, including They are no longer just absorbing revenue from transactions with digital assets, such as bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins. Now they want to engage more effectively in the midst of NFT transactions.

Simplify access to NFTs

Led by Peter Smith, introduced his market for transactions related to Ethereum-based NFT exchanges. On market, users can make purchases, sales or hold their NFT holdings. The company said the function will be completely available in a few weeks. For the moment he has given the possibility to people who wish to register on his waiting list.

We want to make entering the NFT market as easy as entering the cryptocurrency market “, We can read in a press release written by the company. ” Thanks tomarket NFT from (in beta), you will be able to browse, buy, sell and store NFTs securely without ever leaving your wallet.

Created from smart contracts on a blockchain like Ethereum, Flow or Solana, NFTs are digital proof of ownership. They are usually related to digital art, audio files, and collectibles. However, it can happen that NFTs are attached to tangible and real objects.

A large-scale project that has the potential to be realized

The database is large enough to allow it to have a considerable number of users in it market . In fact, the platform was created in 2011 and was one of the first to make Bitcoin wallets available to its customers. In these wallets, users can securely store the keys of their cryptocurrencies.

The company has nearly 80 million portfolios to date. To illustrate this, just take into account the number of active users who use the MetaMask wallet, which is one of the largest in the company. This wallet has just arrived 21 million monthly active users as of mid-November.

The market paves the way for large projects supported by cryptocurrency companies, including exchanges. By the end of the year, in fact, Coinbase NFT will be available, according to the latest news from the digital asset exchange. Along with this, FTX NFT, the marketfrom FTX US, it continued its rise by adding Ethereum collectibles, such as NFT CryptoPunkAndBored Ape Yacht Clubto its product range.

NFTs should no longer be a clean slate for cryptocurrency exchanges. They are determined to invest in this area and lead a wind of change. is the first exchange that wants to make leaps and bounds for NFTs. It announced its launchmarket.

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