Cryptocurrencies: Ledger launches a $ 110 million fundraiser

Business angels – The investment funds and specialists in capital risk are swallowed up one after another in the sector of cryptocurrencies And Web3 in general. Not a week goes by without a big new name in finance announcing a fundraiser, partnership, or making a statement on the subject. Retail investors too they are more and more interested from the subject. Today, a novelty concerns one of our unicorns the most famous: Ledger.

A new fund called Ledger Cathay Capital is born …

Ledger is a world reference in the field of physical wallets for the storage of cryptocurrencies. It is a French company that raised millions of euros in recent years and continuing to develop.

On his side, Capital Cathayand its subsidiary Cathay Innovation – is an investment multinational – in particular – in new technologies. With offices in San Francisco, New York, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, they invest to boot Around the world.

Finally, the latest player in this case is the public investment bank Bpifrance. Created on January 1, 2013, it is present in every region. It is a public investment bank that it supports French companies. It offers financing solutions to support their various projects: creation, development through innovation, conquest of new markets in France or abroad, equity investment, acquisition or external growth.

Famous French Unicorn invests in Web3 with Cathay Innovation in financial support

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… To invest in all sectors of the Web3 and cryptocurrencies

Other investors are also present in the project, but for “Reasons for compliance and confidentiality”Denis Barriera – co-founder of Cathay Innovation – did not want to communicate the names to the media The Block. Finally, we are talking about an envelope of 100 million euros intended to finance between 20 and 25 companies.

Ledger Cathay Capital will invest in several areas of the Web3. Decentralized finance, blockchain security and infrastructure, but also digital ownership technologies such as NFTs. For Denis Barriera “Web3 is an investment opportunity for several decades”. And when asked if this is the right time to invest, he replies “The current environment is a real opportunity”.

The two partners already know each other very well. In fact, Cathay Innovation had already invested in all of Ledger’s funding rounds. This collaboration is therefore the logical continuation of their investments for “The next billion users”, says Denis Barriera. Cathay brings the funds and Ledger her industry experience to find and evaluate investment opportunities. The smart money comes in cryptocurrencies to make money and build the future. Meanwhile, Bitcoin comes out of the closet to win over the general public. Smile, it’s the weekend!

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