Do Kwon: “King of Fools” accused of cryptocurrency market crash

  • Cecilia Bari
  • BBC News World

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Do Kwon is an elusive figure and hasn’t given any interviews since the collapse of his cryptocurrency Terra.

That’s 40,000 million dollars disappeared overnight.

This is the amount lost by those who invested in two cryptocurrencies whose value plummeted on May 13: moon and earth (also known as UST), both created by 30-year-old South Korean tech entrepreneur Do Kwon.

His story is like that of many child prodigies who arrive in Silicon Valley with the idea of ​​creating the next big innovation that will revolutionize the market.

Kwon studied computer science at prestigious Stanford University in the United States and worked as a software engineer at Microsoft and Apple, until he founded Anyfi, a technology company dedicated to developing connectivity alternatives.

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