Help, an app offers children to buy NFT

Zigazoo aims to become the largest children’s social network in the world and provide an “educational platform” for NFTs. A rather terrifying idea, for both parents and children.

The name of Zigazoo is not yet widely known. However, the app has just raised $ 17 million, we learned that on June 28, 2022, with a drastic idea: to become the largest social network in the world dedicated to children and offer a “ NFT educational platform “Investors who participated in the fundraising campaign included the NBA, the American National Basketball Association and TikTok celebrities, such as Amelio’s sisters.

NFTs are not a consensus on the Internet. Considered a “revolution” by some and a scam by others, they are also widely criticized for their energy consumption. The speculative aspect of the NFT market, where some tokens are trading in the millions of dollars, is also one of the reasons why these raise debates. However, Zigazoo has decided to allow children and their parents to purchase NFTs directly on the app. Sounds like the worst idea in the world.

Examples of NFTs sold by Zigaroo. // Source: screenshot by Numberama

A truly disastrous idea

Zigazoo is not, however, fundamentally an NFT sales platform. It is an app designed for children and which uses the codes and operation of TikTok. ” Unlike most other social networks, Zigaroo prioritizes safety and positive interactions thanks to features designed to ensure the safety of children. “Explains the social network on its site. All contents published on the app are therefore “ rigorously examined »From the app moderation teams, to make sure they are appropriate videos. According to the leader of the platform, Zak Ringelstein, the latter has one million users.

But why the hell should kids buy NFTs? Because Zigaroo made his mission (alone, no one asked for it) to become the platform for ” educating families about Web3 and where to sell the first NFTs for children “An educational mission on Web3, a decentralized version of the internet for cryptocurrencies, is not a bad thing in and of itself. But it is accompanying it with an NFT sales platform, specifically dedicated to children, which is at best. in bad taste, at worst, a big trap.

Screenshot 2022-06-29 at 11.28
One of the NFT collections sold by Zigaroo. // Source: Zigaroo

Kids don’t need to buy NFTs, despite what Zigazoo would like you to believe. There is no need to base for allow children to shape the landscape of NFT and Web3 “, and Zigaroo absolutely does not need” give a healthy and positive outlook of NFT to make them happen digital citizens of tomorrow “The honeyed language of the press release does not change the fact that it is above all a marketing operation, destined to sell children and their parents with technologies they don’t need (and don’t necessarily understand, especially in the case of children).

The NFTs sold in Zigaroo’s shop raise many other questions. The app argues that Flow, the blockchain it is based on, consumes very little energy – as the latter works with a proof of stake protocol, this may be thought to be partly true. But it is impossible to prove that, as Zigaroo claims, ” creating an NFT on Flow consumes less energy than posting on social media “Educating in NFTs means explaining what the stakes of blockchain technology are, not hiding behind unverifiable claims.

Finally, a final disturbing point: the NFTs sold on Zigaroo were all attracted to the platform’s baby stars, such as the Bercovici sisters, 8 and 10-year-old Canadian girls followed by over 30,000 people on the app. Is it legal to use child labor for NFT production? Were they paid for their work? This is never specified on Zigaroo.

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