Opening of the French Metaverse: Dracula

It is this April 22nd that one of the first French metaverses opens its doors on the NFTWorlds platform: a Minecraft world populated by strange vampire creatures.

This opening takes place in a particular context. In fact, according to a recent study by Grand View Research, the global Metaverse market could represent 615 billion euros in 2030. So it’s no surprise that announcements of future Metaverse openings are multiplying. You must have heard of this parallel 3D world that, as in Ready player oneallows users to live interactive and engaging experiences through an avatar.

It was Mark Zuckerberg who accelerated this movement, on October 28, by announcing the change of the name of the Facebook group to Meta. President Macron also made the “European Metaverse” an essential point of his program. He also created his own mini universe on a Minecraft server. In what looks like a small town, the “Players” can go to the town hall to remember how to vote in elections but also to schools to get information on class divisions.

And it is finally “Metamorph Studio” which is one of the first to offer a French metaverse through Minecraft. It is thanks to an initial fundraising of 200,000 euros and the hard work of a team of 15 people in 6 months that the METAVVERSE DRACULA opens its doors on April 22nd.

Take on the role of vampires, half-bloods or even blood hunters and immerse yourself in the world of Dracula on your missions. With the ouster of the Dark Lord, these three factions wage a terrible war in search of the Bloodstones and a forgotten and hidden truth.

“Learn and earn” …

In addition to the rich narrative, this game offers an original educational dimension. The missions allow you to familiarize, playing, with the principle of web 3.0 and how to use your wallet safely on the Internet.

“Play and Earn”

The fundamental principle remains the same. After connecting the various clues, you unmask the traitor hidden among the vampires and destroy him after a fierce fight. You are rewarded with WRLDs (game tokens) that power your connected wallet. All you have to do is choose between buying armor in-game, accessing new worlds or trading these WRLDs for euros.

It is a treasure hunt that will mark the launch of the game with, in the end, 10,000 dollars for the team who will be able to solve the puzzles and succeed in the various coding and encryption quests.

Dracula Metaverse it is therefore one of the first French metaverse to offer an innovative and promising experience: massively multiplayer gameplay, a real educational dimension and a particularly immersive role-playing game in the world of Minecraft and the blockchain.

Now you can join the community and get benefits and early access to Dracula Metaverse:

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