the pro-crypto bill goes to New Hampshire

Towards the modernization of the traditional financial system! In the United States, government authorities are gradually adopting a more flexible attitude towards cryptocurrencies. In this case, the state of New Hampshire has just passed a law that supports the growth of digital assets in the region.

New Hampshire is leading the way in democratizing cryptocurrencies

A few days ago, Chris Sununu, the governor of New Hampshire, passed a bill aimed at exempting cryptocurrency players from certain legal obligations. As a result, developers, vendors, or facilitators involved in digital asset trading are now exempt from certain US securities law rules.

In fact, this piece of legislation, nicknamed “HB1503”, was introduced in January of this year. Subsequently, the New Hampshire House of Representatives adopted it and presented it to the Senate, which finally validated it on April 28. Therefore, the recent approval by the governor actually helps to strengthen the legitimacy of the aforementioned proposal in this jurisdiction.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by the blockchain

The HB1503 proposal was formulated by Keith Ammon, a representative of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, who has an alleged predilection for cryptocurrencies. According to the latter, the time has come for the state to exploit this new set of assets to its advantage.

“Our state is perfectly placed to take advantage of this burgeoning technology sector and is making several major changes to state law. As legislators, we must ensure that the government does not interfere with the rapid innovation of digital assets and cryptocurrencies “he said according to a tweet from the New Hampshire House of Representatives Republican Caucus.

To back up his point, Ammon cited the skyrocketing number of job postings related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as proof. More to the point, the representative has seen growth of nearly 400% in just one year. This results in a decrease in the unemployment rate and consequently in a significant socio-economic impact.

In the United States, at the moment, each state has its own judgment on the laws to pass or not regarding cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, this divergence at the state level is also observed between men and women who share the same political ideology. Additionally, some MPs are more assertive in their support for decentralized currencies. As a result, the country continues its efforts to develop a regulatory framework that is more representative of the expectations of its population.

Source: Finbold

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