2035: Europe changed currency, but it’s not Bitcoin [Crypto Dystopie]

What will our world be like in 2035? – Our favorite cryptocurrencies will they have disappeared or will they be at the center of our lives more than ever? Blockchain Bitcoin will it have changed the face of the world? We had fun, through small stories, to imagine our world in the not so distant future. The story that follows is fictional, imaginary, without any pretense of guessing the future. Have fun with us and dive into our new summer format available on our Twitter. Embark on the DeLorean JDC, direction 2035!

Paris, when the euro becomes electronic money

In a fractured world, two parallel lifestyles oppose each other. Europe and the USA on the one hand. Africa, Asia and Latin America on the other.

February 14, 2035, Paris, France – Valentine’s Day

Matteo walks near theAvenue of the Champs-Elysees is looking for a gift to give to her significant other. They have been together for two years. The restaurant is booked. They will go to Shiro, a Franco-Japanese restaurant specializing in gastronomic fusion. A beautiful evening in perspective.

Matthieu moves away from the pavement, occupied by a construction site in progress. Change of sign. Soon a restaurant will replace the old failed bank, Credit … something. He no longer remembers the name. Following numerous business closures in recent years, the Avenue des Champs-Elysées has been gradually transformed.

14ᵉ the rose bouquet from Abtan & Fils. 547 ° earrings from Tiffany. That’s a lot, Matthieu thought, looking thoughtfully at the jewels through the window. But it is better to buy them now, who knows what price they will have in three months?

In 2035, purchases are made using e-coins!

“and” for euro? No. and for electronic money. The euro will not have resisted inflationary crisis from 2022 to 2028. Bankruptcy of Greece and then of Italy. In 2029, after its massive depreciation against the dollar, it was unanimously decided by the European states to abandon it. But replacing it with Bitcoin is out of the question! The old continent resigned itself to adopting the currency of the American central bank, theelectronic money.

Taken by the throat, Europe now depends entirely from the USA from a monetary point of view. The debts of the states have been purely and simply canceled. Back to zero. Those of the citizens, on the other hand …

Matthieu finally decides to enter the shop and opts for the blue topaz couple. He takes her credit card.

“No contact, sir?” asks the saleswoman.

– Yes thanks.

Matthieu leaves the shop and walks slowly towards Avenue Matignon, towards Square Marigny. Two years is a milestone, he thought.

Two opposite worlds on the planet.  Those in favor of Bitcoin and those who use e-coins.

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And on the other side of the world? Bitcoin

February 14, 2035, Bangui, Central African Republic – Valentine’s Day

Peter walks close to theAvenue Barthélemy Boganda is looking for a gift to give to her significant other. They have been together for two years. The restaurant is booked, they will go 5 forks enjoy their Indian specialties. A beautiful evening in perspective.

Pierre walks away from the sidewalk, busy with an ongoing demolition site. The dilapidated old café will soon become a brand new coworking space for young startups. Many business ventures are springing up here and there in a gradually transformed Bangui.

For these digital creators, one goal in mind. The gradual conquest of metaverse, these virtual universes are built in parallel with the real world. The city is modernizing at high speed and businesses are popping up on every street corner.

140 satoshi the rose bouquet from Zanga & Fils. 5470 satoshi earrings from Toba Bijoux. That’s a lot, Pierre told himself, looking thoughtfully at the jewels through the window. Chances are that if he had waited a while, he could have gotten them for less. Bitcoin’s price is now proceeding very smoothly, on a positive slope, the price of products indexed to its price naturally decreases. But hey, Valentine’s Day doesn’t happen every day!

The only currency used in the Central African Republic is now Bitcoin.  In this dystopia, its course would follow a slight increasing slope.
A new economy is being created around Bitcoin

the Bitcoin ended up making its way across Africa, a dynamic led by El Salvador. The click? The meeting of 44 central banks on their land in May 2022. They were then quickly imitated by Latin America and Asia. One by one, the countries have done it has embraced this new digital currency, bearer of hope. And the citizens too.

Pierre had hesitated for a while to settle in Europe. The landscapes are magnificent and he would have had no difficulty in acquiring a beautiful residence. Or even a small building to rent. The obligation to convert his bitcoins into e-coins held him back. The e-coin is too fluctuating for his liking.

European countries have veiled their faces by abandoning the euro. The e-coin did not change the problem ofmoney printing and this, Peter knows well. And he is very happy to be on the other side of the barrier. For nothing in the world, finally, he would not leave Bangui.

Pierre finally decides to enter the shop and opts for the blue topaz couple. He takes out his smartphone.

“Will that be all, sir?” asks the saleswoman.

– Yes, thanks, he answers by scanning the QR code with his own digital wallet.

Pierre leaves the shop and walks slowly towards rue de la Kouanga, towards the Public Garden. Two years is a milestone, he thought.

What if the balance of power is reversed? What if Europe, as powerful as it is today, gets caught up in a hellish cycle driven by monetary inflation? This story contrasts with a Europe where it is good to spend your money immediately, like Argentina Today. For fear that she will devalue in the following weeks. It is an Africa where saving increases your purchasing power over time thanks to Bitcoin. This dystopian future is one of thousands of potential futures and only one of them awaits us. Will it come true?

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