Lightspeed Ventures and Multicoin Capital raise funds

The cryptocurrency industry may be having a tough time, but some companies continue to build businesses. Lightspeed raised a total of $ 500 million, while Multicoin Capital announced a $ 430 million fundraiser.

Lightspeed Ventures has $ 7 billion in funding

On behalf of last week, funding rounds were announced amounted to $ 1.5 billion. Since the beginning of the year, such a figure has never been reached by the companies that have raised funds. Three companies contributed to this state of affairs: Lightspeed Ventures, Multicoin Capital, and Saber Labs.

Recall that Lightspeed Ventures is a global venture capital fund whose strategy is focused on investment different sectors, that is technologies, consumption and health. Initially, the company focused on operations with companies such as Snapchat, Fusion-io,, etc. However, over time, given its growth, it has expanded its scope.

Lightspeed has also started investing in specialized cryptocurrency companies. He has participated in funding rounds from, FTX, CertiK and Ripple to name a few companies. With the recent fundraiser, Lightspeed’s total funding has increased 7 billion dollars.

Multicoin Capital will raise $ 430 million

In addition to Lightspeed Ventures, Multicoin Capital has announced a fundraiser of 430 million dollars. Multicoin Capital is an investment fund that has focused on investing in the cryptocurrency market.

Raising $ 430 million, Multicoin Capital is running one of its largest operations. Expects capital to be divided into several investment rounds, with volumes ranging between $ 500,000 and $ 100 million per round. Everything will depend on the nature of the project it intends to support. For the company’s CEO, Samani, “Multicoin always actively seeks to invest in long-term projects.”

Over the past week, Lightspeed Ventures has raised $ 500 million. For its part, Multicoin Capital has announced that it will raise $ 430 million, which is its largest project so far. Obviously, the cryptocurrency market crisis seems to have no effect on the evolution of companies that raise funds.

Source: Coin24

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