What is this awesome metaverse game that’s wreaking havoc?

Lately it has been empire of the apes that has invaded the world of P2E games, but that will change with the arrival of Battle Infinity on the market. As you may have guessed, this is the famous metaverse game that is wreaking havoc. If you are interested, here are the details to remember.

Battle Infinity: what is it?

Battle Infinity is a game platform that hosts an ecosystem of different P2E fighting games integrated into the world of the Metaverse called “The Battle Arena”. In the world of Battle Infinity, players can not only play and fight, but also have an immersive experience in the world of the Metaverse. In the battle arena you can interact, play, watch, explore and more in a virtual world.

Designers aim to revolutionize the traditional gaming world as Battle Infinity integrates gaming with the metaverse and blockchain, providing a fully decentralized experience that gives users and creators direct ownership of their in-game items in a fully transparent and proof-of-concept ecosystem. of tampering. Battle Infinity therefore offers its users a totally safe and limitless immersive experience.

Furthermore, in the Battle Infinity universe, it is possible to earn money and invest in tokens known as IBAT. Also note that IBAT is the in-game currency and while you wait for IBAT, you can play Autumn boys!

The high potential of this metaverse game

Axie Infinity has already shown the world that P2E games are all the rage and the general public seems to welcome this kind of concept with open arms. Many specialists and observers consider P2E games to be the games of the future and Battle Infinity joins the very select club of P2E games. For the moment, the developers of this platform are based in India, but it is possible that the whole world will know about them in the very near future.

We know from reliable sources that investors and gamers from all over the world are targeted by the developers of the Battle Infinity platform. For the time being, the team is subcontracting with Coinsniper to reassure investors and secure the platform. All this leads us to believe that the IBAT is on the right track and furthermore the presales have already started and the potential of this token is estimated at X10, or even more. However, the presale only lasts a few days.

If you want to buy IBAT, create a crypto wallet, buy Binance or BNB crypto, connect your wallet to the presale platform, select the amount you want to buy and enter your contact address. While you wait for things to start on the Battle Infinity side, you’ll still be able to take advantage of the bonus offers.Azra games.


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