Bitcoin in the Cage – UFC star Luana Pinheiro switches to Crypto salary

hajime – He is a black belt in judo, has lines worthy of a martial arts master reaching the age of wisdom, fights in the octagon and has decided to embrace Bitcoin (BTC).

Once ippon once, Bitcoin invites itself into the ring

And an ippon for cryptocurrency haters, who hope to see a decline in bitcoin adoption during this crypto winter. Luana Pinheiro, judo black belt and UFC fighter, knocks them down, agreeing to do so receive his salary in bitcoinsaccording to a press release dated July 21.

Post Bitwage – Source: Twitter

Her boyfriend, Matheus Nicolau, had already entered this arena in March of this year, partnering with Bitwage, to collect his rewards in Bitcoin. Luana Pinheiro then follows this movement, and so she becomes the first fighter of the UFC to opt for this payment method.

The partnership with Bitwage allows the couple to be paid in Bitcoin, without forcing the UFC to expose themselves to the cryptocurrency. Bitwage provides a payroll service for people who wish to receive their remuneration in cryptocurrencies, without this choice forcing their employer to dive into the sector.

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A HODling BTC black belt fighter

The patient you will be, the better off you will become. The sentence is not from the script of a wise old man who advises his student in a martial arts movie. However, it partly reflects Luana Pinheiro’s thinking for her art and Bitcoin.

The fighter has indeed an answer, in the face of possible criticisms of the volatility of the cryptocurrency. She thinks she won’t have done it no “problem with falling or rising bitcoin”pointing out the wise proof that if Bitcoin “were not volatile, it would not even rise”.

HODler, the judoka is consistent with his choice to bet on a deflationary currency, on an asset considered by many as a hedge against inflation. Luana Pinheiro makes an analogy between 10 and 15 years required for an individual to get “a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu” and their “time preference” for cryptocurrency.

The pair then decided to fight inflation alongside Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency manages to conquer the heart of the octagon over time. In addition to these individual initiatives,, the crypto partner platform of the UFC, had paid in cryptocurrencies the fan bonus to the three best fighters in the pay per view.

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