Get sponsors for a metaverse event

The metaverse requires a number of changes in your operation and this also applies to sponsors. For a physical format, it becomes easy to sell your concept. You can offer booth space and advertising space for companies that support you. But in the virtual environment, how is this possible?

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We reveal the possibilities to offer your sponsors for your event in the metaverse. It is also important to remind them what they get in return, beyond visibility within an innovative technology platform. Having all the cards in your possession, each topic can open the doors to a fruitful collaboration. Follow our advice!

Highlighting the sponsors in the metaverse

The Metaverse offers sponsors many ways to support your event. These possibilities also allow them to gain the commitment of the participants. First, you can configure sponsored sessions as part of the day’s events. Choose slots that are interesting for both parties so that the sponsor’s content and promotion is highlighted.

Modern technology offers a wide range of possibilities in terms of engagement options and gamification. AR / VR pushes the experience further. Use it to get sponsors for your Metaverse event. Present them with interactive virtual booths with chatbots and AI avatars corresponding to their brand image.

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metaverse marketing

As you would in a regular virtual event, ads need to be cleverly incorporated into marketing and promotional materials. While this rule seems standard, it is one of the most important. This is how you will get maximum impact and sponsorship for your event in the metaverse as well. Also note that virtual sponsor spaces can be kept online and open for as long as necessary. Emphasize this aspect well in your negotiations.

And what do they get in return?

Even if the sponsors of the metaverse event already have the final results in mind, you need to provide them with more information. Your ability to explain their benefits will help them determine if you are entering into a true partnership or just looking for funds. The relationship of mutual trust start there. So, make it clear that the companies that support you benefit from a exposure to a wider audience. The virtual is an infinite environment. Their life cycle of the investment it is then extended. But most of all they have it detailed data participants and more.

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