“There is a terrible economic crisis here, now masked by the fighting”, explains Florence Aubenas

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Cover image: The remains of the largest cargo plane in the world, the Antonov 225, lie among the remains of the Ukrainian drone attack that took place in mid-March on the military airport of Hostomel (Kiev Oblast, Ukraine, 11 July 2022. SAMUEL GRATACAP FOR “THE WORLD”

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  • Sloviansk, a city in Donetsk Oblast, is on the verge of a major Russian attack. its mayor, Vadym Liakh, asks the inhabitants to leave the municipality urgently, near Kramatorsk. Sloviansk is partially destroyed, although it had many historic buildings before Russia invaded Ukraine.
  • Russian missiles hit the port of Odessa on Saturdayaccording to Ukraine, which accuses Vladimir Putin of having it “spit in the face” United Nations (UN) and Turkey, and jeopardize the implementation of the agreement signed the day before on the resumption of war-blocked grain exports. Westerners and the UN condemned this strike, which Moscow denied to Turkey.
  • Before the announcement of the missile launch over Odessa, the African Union had “congratulated” Saturday of the grain export agreement, welcoming an event “Welcome” for the continent, which faces a greater risk of famine. The agreement, the signing of which lowered grain prices, is expected to allow the export of 20 to 25 million tons of grain blocked in Ukraine.
  • The war in Ukraine has no respite on other fronts. Mykolaiv was bombed again Sunday morning after being targeted the night before “four Kalibr-type cruise missiles”, which injured five people, including a teenager, and damaged several buildings, according to the Ukrainian presidency. He also reported bombing in the Kharkiv regionwhere is it “Several residential buildings were damaged and residential buildings burned”.
  • The rest of Ukraine was not spared nor, with the resumption, on Saturday, of the Russian bombing, which left three dead. Thirteen sea-launched cruise missiles fell near the town of Kropyvnytskyi in the Oblast of Kirovogradin the center of the country, announced its governor, Andri Raikovych, specifying that the railway infrastructure and a military airport had been targeted.
  • On land, in the region of Chersonlargely occupied by Russian troops since 3 March, the Ukrainians say they are stepping up their counterattack. “We can speak of a breakthrough on the field. In the latest operations, the Ukrainian armed forces had the advantage “the adviser to the head of the regional military administration loyal to kyiv, Sergiy Khlan, assured Sunday.
  • Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, called, in a video speech on Sunday evening, his compatriots a “be united and work together for victory”Before “Celebrating Ukraine Sovereignty Day for the first time, July 28”. His German counterpart, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, for his part believed that the Russian war in Ukraine was also. “A war against the unity of Europe”.

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