Which online bank has the most customers?

Online banks and nobanks are increasing their ingenuity and diversity of services to attract as many customers as possible, with some even tending to catch up with traditional banks. MoneyVox takes stock of the establishments that currently have the largest number of customers.

Preliminary accuracy is essential! Not all online banks communicate their number of customers: some in fact refuse to publish their key data, and in particular that of their customers, in their annual financial statements. Others are careful not to update the figure announced a few years ago. Fortunately, some establishments play the game, which in particular allows you to follow its evolution.

Boursorama Banque, at the top of the standings

Boursorama Banque announced in early July 2022 that it had achieved 4 million customers. The bank, a subsidiary of Société Générale, has managed to acquire around 100,000 new customers every month since the beginning of the year. To achieve this, it offers peak offersand in particular the Pink Week-End, a promotion that regularly returns to its website, and which it has recently allowed to obtain up to € 150 welcome bonus for opening a bank account. Its classic offer is already interesting and promises up to € 130 bonus for each new customer. Boursorama was also able to count on the clients of ING, the latter which announced the closure of its banking activities in France and invited its clients to join Boursorama through a partnership.

The bank, which is constantly setting itself new goals, has also announced that it wants to surpass the 4.5 million customers by 2025. The bet already seems almost won ….

Boursorama bank accounts

Far behind, the online banks Hello bank and Fortuneo

Hello bank announced at the end of March 2022 that it has done so over 700,000 individual customers in France. However, it is betting on a significant increase in this figure by the end of 2022, as it has recently diversified its banking offering (previously aimed at individuals only) to independent professionals with its Hello Business offering. Marketed since May 2021, the bank has not yet published its first year financial statements.

Fortuneo, meanwhile, announced in July 2022 that it had done so 600,000 customers in France, and among them, the majority of workers between 18 and 35 years old. Based on the same model as its Boursorama counterpart, Fortuneo delivers flash offers, with substantial welcome bonuses (up to 150 euros for a new customer). However, Fortuneo seems to have a different growth strategy: it doesn’t want to grow out of control. So much so that today the green bank is one of the few French online banks to be considered profitable.

on Prize 130 € opening thanks to our comparison between online banks

Among other major online banks, Monabanq and BforBank for example, they no longer communicate the number of their customers. The latest figures announced are 290,000 customers in 2015 for Monabanq and 230,000 customers for BforBank in 2019.

A real success in mobile banking

Among mobile banks, N26 stands out with its 2.5 million customers. If today it has so many customers, this can be explained by the choice of proposing a wide range of offers (eight in total), ranging from 0 to 16.90 euros per month, for individuals and individual entrepreneurs. Something to reach a large audience. Being a German bank, the account holders have a German IBAN. No conditions of income, use or domicile are required by N26.

Finally, Orange Bank and Ma French Bank are also well positioned respectively 1.6 million customers for Orange Bankincluding Anytime, personal loans and mortgages as well as mobile insurance and 425,000 customers for Ma French Bank (end of 2021). The latter also intends to develop thanks to its strategic plan, which aims to reach 1.3 million customers by 2025.

And the nobanks? Some payment institutions also stand out and largely manage to reach a million customers, such as Nickel for example, which announces a a figure that approaches 2.5 million customers. Sometimes referred to as the bank of banking prohibitions, Nickel allows you to have a payment account with a Mastercard card for only 20 euros per year. Interesting for low-income people, for those who want to control their budget or simply have an extra account, it does not tolerate any overdraft.

Because Fortuneo has six times fewer customers than Boursorama despite its lower prices

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